Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas

We had the best Christmas this year that we have ever had together as a family.  We stayed home for the first time this year.  The kids had a blast.  We took several breaks for breakfast and lunch and just to let the kids hang out and play with what they got.  Lily really enjoyed getting her doctors kit and play tool set.  Those are two things she really wanted and we just hung out for a while after she opened them to allow her time to enjoy the gift.  We tried to remind them throughout the day of the true meaning of Christmas and teach them why we give gifts at Christmas time. 

Matt bought Lily an art set because she loves to draw.  He is teaching her about pastels and charcoal... she looks like she's asleep!  She had a hard time paying attention as she just wanted to grab the colors and jump right in.

Cinderella Crown for my little Princess. 

My husband loves maps.  This one is magnetic and came with several magnet pins.  The present to his right (the giant one) is the kitchen we bought for the kids.  we had to put it together (and by we I mean me) and then I wrapped it.  We made the kids wait until the very end to open it.  They loved it and were so excited when they found out what it was.

Got her tool kit

Her new Super spinny dress and she is making bead necklaces.
We watched Inside Out in the afternoon.  The kids loved it.  I thought it was really clever and funny.  Very well done.  So we had a great Christmas. 

I've been thinking about the new year and what I want to accomplish next year.  My biggest goal I want to accomplish next year is to get my eating under control permanently and get rid of bad habits and make new long lasting good habits.  So I've decided to do a year of Whole 30.  It's not going to be super strict, I don't think I cold do that.  So basically when I am at home and on every normal day I am going to do Whole 30.  When we go out to eat I am going to focus on picking something healthy off the menu and eating a normal sized portion.  For Birthdays I can have a slice of cake to participate in the festivities.  For Holidays I can have a free meal especially if we are eating at family's house.  But every other day, I am going to adhere as closely as I can to the Whole 30 guidelines.  Hopefully after one year, I will get into a routine that I can keep going.  Hopefully after a year I will have squashed some bad habits.  I've tried to do moderation, but I'm not the kind of person who can control myself easily around food.  The only thing that I have done this past year that really made any difference in the way I felt and the way I ate and my moods, and energy levels and my attitude was the Whole 30.  So I've got until January first to prepare myself.

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  1. Merry Christmas! Looks like your family had a wonderful time! I am planning on getting back on track in the New Year also!