Weight Loss Photos

 The start of my epic weight loss journey.  This is the day before Chloe was born.  I started this journey at 227 pounds. This picture was taken January 14th 2013.  You can read about the start of this journey on this post HERE
 It is official.  I signed up for weight watchers.  In this picture I am still wearing my maternity clothing.  These were one of two pants that would fit and felt comfortable, the second pair being a pair of black pants that you can see in the before Chloe was born picture above.  This picture was taken February 17th and I weighed 211 pounds and I count this as the official start of my weight loss journey.  I talk about this picture on the same post as above: HERE
 Ah, the first 10 pounds, and a picture that I almost forgot to take.  That is why I am in my pajamas standing by my bathroom.  I made my husband take this picture for me right before we went to bed because I couldn't remember any other time to get him to take a better picture.  Here I am at 200 pounds (so I guess technically it is really 11 pounds lost, but I felt it was easier and more practical to just go by even tens instead of counting at 201, 191, etc...)  You can read about my reflections on the first 10 pounds lost on my post HERE  I hit this milestone on March 24th 2013
 Another picture that I almost missed.  I was really bad about starting my picture taking for the first twenty pounds, I did much better after that.  This picture was taken on our vacation out past Gunnison.  We are in Ouray in this picture, Maybe at Box Canyon Falls.  It was either this picture which was a full body shot, but my face was shaded with sunglasses and a hat, or a picture of me squatting down with both the girls which was a super cute picture but you couldn't see any of my body.  I hit 190 on May 12th 2013 and you can read about my reflections HERE
 Finally a decent weight loss progress picture, nice and sunny.  Our backyard sure looks nice!  It's the middle of winter as I am writing this and everything is brown and dead, so it is fun to see how green everything is in the summer!  Anyway, I hit 180 pounds on August 8th and you can read about my reflections on this page HERE
 Back inside.  It must have gotten cold again.  Obviously I am not a professional picture taker, I don't choose very good poses or places hence how you can see the car seat and the bathroom in the background on the left side of the picture!  ;-) Anywho, another 10 pounds gone (yippee!) And here I am at 170 on October 7th 2013 and you can read about my reflections HERE
 Ah, sweet sweet 50 pound milestone.  A little better of a choice of location, except the light switch behind my elbow.  Ah well can't be perfect. Here I am at 160 pounds having lost 50 pounds and over half of my weight loss goal of losing 90 pounds.  I hit 160 on November 14th 2013.  You can read about my reflections on my post HERE
 Sixty!  Woo Hoo!  Look at those hot new clothes :-)  It always feels good to go out and buy smaller clothing when you lose weight!  Except that everything is tight again, but no matter just keep losing weight and those pants will loosen right up!  These pants I bought a little tight since I knew that I would keep losing, and in fact all the new pants that I have bought so far on this journey have been very tight when I first bought them (to the point I almost couldn't wear them) and soon enough they fit just right, and then went on to be too big and eventually I could pull them up and down fully zipped and buttoned... those were the fun days when my pants would slide right off of me fully zipped and buttoned!  That is when I really started to feel slim!  I hit 150 pounds on January 8th 2014 and you can read about my reflections and my unfortunate set back on this post HERE
Sometimes we need to look at how far we have come to really appreciate all the hard work that we have put in.  Especially when we are so focused on the next step and what is coming up.  I created this little photo here at this point to celebrate my amazing success and to remind me that even though I hurt my foot and was set back, I had still made incredible progress.  Loving my new clothes and my new body.  Still looking forward to the future and losing the last 30 pounds to reach my ultimate goal weight of 121. 


  1. Wow awesome. :)
    Found you via katies blog.

    1. Thanks! I love Katie's blog! Still working hard, I hope you enjoyed my blog :-)