Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I don't have much to say about weight loss and eating, but I felt like I should write about something, otherwise this blog is going to end up abandoned.  So right now it's either evolve it or let it die.  I figure the real undertones to blogging are simplified to one word: Life.  That is why people read weight loss blogs anyway, to hear about real life. 

I've been under the weather the past week with another cold.  You would think my immune system would be getting stronger after being sick so much over the past year but apparently, it didn't get the message.  So although I had a cold just three weeks ago, that one was in my throat, this one is in my sinuses.  I'm not sure which is worse, having your throat so sore that you can't hardly breath or swallow, or having your head stuffed with so much snot that you can't thing straight, sleep, or do anything else because your head is pounding and the pressure is nearly unbearable.  hmmm, possibly the second one.  At least my teeth weren't hurting.  That's usually a sign of a sinus infection, when my molars start hurting due to the pressure in my head. 

Anyway, I just beat Dragon Quest 8 on my phone, because I am a nerd and love RPG games.  Not too much of a fan of playing online games where there are other gamers playing live with you, I just like me on my own system playing by myself. 

I'm trying to read one book a day with Lily.  After she finished her reading lessons, and then I ended up in the hospital and went through recovery, I let her reading slack and she is having a hard time with words she didn't use to have trouble with.  I have a friend who just had an Usborne book party and I bought their beginner readers set.  When that comes in I'm going to go through that with Lily, I think it will be a good refresher and also help build her confidence and get down some of the concepts she wasn't too rock solid on before.  She never did grasp the concept that an "e" on the end of a word makes the vowel say it's name... of course she doesn't quite remember what her vowels are either but hey, she hasn't even hit kindergarten yet so I'm not too worried.  I also hear the Billie B Brown books are great books to start reading after the Usborne set.  Chloe is doing much better now at learning and remembering her alphabet.  She only has two more princesses to get, so that is 10 more letters to learn, or rather 7, since she knows Q, R, and S and just needs to learn T, and U. 

We bought a season's pass to Elitch Gardens this summer, I figured it would be a good summer to go since both the kids are big enough to go on all the kiddie rides and we don't have any babies underfoot.  Chloe calls the roller coaster the "big train" and they both loved it.

I haven't played my flute much this week because of the pressure in my head.  I did record a song though and if I can figure out how to get a sound recording up on the blog I will post it.  Right now I just see video and picture, but flute has gotten hard again.  My teacher has changed my embouchure again.  Not as bad as the first time, but I have to make sure to drop my jaw and keep my tongue down at the bottom of my mouth which right now takes a lot of mental effort.  I'm sure it will get easier with time though, but I am bummed about not being able to practice much this week due to my cold.  Oh well, you can't win them all.

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