Thursday, September 1, 2016

The next goal

This week has been going well in the food department.  I don't really have a lot to say.  I'm trying to make sure I have no more than one "off plan" or non paleo food a day.  Monday we went to BJs and I really wanted the California sourdough sandwich.  So I had them remove the cheese and the bread was my only non paleo food I ate (I can't vouch for the mayo and bacon on the sandwich).  Tuesday I had one glass of soda, and Wednesday I had some Beef Jerky that had some non compliant ingredients (mainly brown sugar).  All in all, I think it's been going well. 

I've decided on my next big goal, or main focus.  Something to keep me going in the right direction.  I really want to go skiing this winter, since I can't seem to get pregnant at the moment I might as well plan on not being pregnant this winter.  I missed skiing last winter because I was too overweight and out of shape to go.  I don't want that to be the situation this winter.  My knees are feeling better, so I'm going to try to do Turbo Fire.  I did the starter class yesterday and it kicked my butt.  However it felt really good to workout hard again.  I have no desire to workout 6 days a week however, so I think I am going to take the shortest workout day (some days are just the abs workout and stretching) and make it a rest day.  5 days a week is much more doable, and I don't want to hurt myself.  I think sticking to a paleo diet and doing Turbo Fire is going to be a good system.  That will ensure I get the energy I need for my workouts, while improving my cardio skills and building some muscle as well.  (And of course it should be a good combo for weight loss.  I have to lose weight to fit back into my ski clothes). 

Lastly, I did step on the scale this morning and there were some interesting changes. While my weight is pretty much exactly the same as Sunday, my body fat percentage went down by .4 and my muscle mass was up by 1.5 pounds.  What does this mean?  It means my scale stinks at getting accurate measurements of body fat and muscle mass.  I didn't gain 1.5 pounds of muscle in four days, and the only reason why my body fat percentage is down is because of the change in muscle mass depicted on the screen.  I just wanted to throw that out there, since it puts some of my final measurements into perspective.  The lesson is, I'm not going to rely too much on what the scale says, rather go based on how I feel, how my clothes fit, and my measurements. 

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