Friday, September 16, 2016

Week Two of TF

It has been crazy over here, and I keep forgetting to post.  Our internet was down for a few days, we were having problems with our router and so we bought a new router and it wasn't working so we bought a modem and router combo and then we found out that there was an internet outage in our area, so that was a headache and probably a lot of money we didn't need to spend.  (we were planning on replacing the router, just not the modem but oh well it probably needed to be updated too).   Ahh, first world country problems.  I supposed I would prefer that over other problems.  A few days ago, I woke up feeling really bad about myself, and feeling fat and puffy.  So I went and bought a new outfit since all my shirts are too tight because I never bought new clothes while gaining weight. 
Chloe got a new dress too because she grew out of one of her favorites and was completely devastated. 

Starting at week 2 of Turbo Fire I weighed in at 177.  Not much of a loss, but still a loss.  Speaking of slow weight loss, I'm getting my thyroid checked on Tuesday as I suspect myself of having hypothyroidism.  Since I've been tracking my cycles, I have discovered I have almost every hallmark symptom of hypothyroidism, even down to unexplained miscarriages.  I looked up some non female reproductive cycle specific symptoms and they include sensitivity to cold, constipation and weight gain.  That would be a check, check and check.  If I do have hypothyroidism it would explain why it is so hard for me to lose weight and why it's so easy to gain.  (If I don't have it then I guess that's just the way weight goes, which I'm pretty sure is true anyway).  I also called my mom and it runs in my family.  So anyway, that will hopefully be enlightening. 

I've been sore from my workouts, but I've been feeling good.  I've had more energy since focusing on whole body health.  Eating healthy, working out, getting chiropractic care, taking a daily detox.  My mood is stabilizing, and I'm not crashing every day at 1:00, and my energy has been a lot higher.  Even during the last few very stressful days I'm proud of myself for not trying to make myself feel better with food.  I said "food isn't going to fix the problem" and tried to do something else to take my mind off things. 

That's about everything, so have a great weekend and I will check in again soon.

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