Thursday, March 3, 2016

Feelin Good

Today was the successful completion of day 3.  I've felt a lot better over the past few days and I think its because of the surgery.  I think that when the fetal tissue was retained, and my hormones were all out of wack it was really messing me up.  I just didn't care about anything.  Now I know that I have a certain amount of responsibility for my actions over the past several months, but I really do think my hormones had a hand in my mood and emotions over the past three months. 

Yesterday I was worried about the afternoon because I was going to be eating late.  Lily had a dental appointment at 5:10pm and I wouldn't be eating until 6:30 or later.  I was worried about going that long without food and ending up in a state of "I don't care, I am just so hungry!"  And since my father in law is our dentist we went over to their house for dinner.  They have lots of chips and so that was a minefield I had to maneuver.  Fortunately for me they also had bananas on the counter and I chose to eat a banana over stuffing myself with chips.  Matt's mom made an amazing meal with bbq ribs and mashed potatoes and vegetables.  I tracked everything in MFP as best I could and I ended up under by about 50 calories for the day.  I'm basically trying to copy what Katie did.  I know that everyone is different and it might not work for me as well, but then again it might.  I've never taken such a casual approach to tracking, where I really try to listen to my body (with a little help from tracking) and allow my calorie variation to fluctuate where if I'm not too hungry one day, then I can eat fewer calories and if I am more hungry another day I can eat a little more and one day a week allow myself to even hit 2000+ calories allowing myself flexibility in eating out without going overboard.  Usually when I would eat out I wouldn't track calories at all and I'm sure my meal alone ended up being over 2k calories.  Giving myself even 750-800 calories to eat out gives me a lot more menu choices but then keeps things in perspective and I still feel like I am getting a treat. 

Some other things that are different this time around is that I am not snacking inbetween meals.  I really like what Katie said, where not snacking allows her to have higher calorie meals so she can eat more or use better quality ingredients like heavy whipping cream, and full fat dairy (although I generally tend to avoid dairy these days, the same principles apply).  The last few days I have been eating chips every day.  I really love chips and I bought some individual to go bags from Costco so they are already portioned out and I don't have to worry about counting them out of a big bag and then feeling sad that I can only have so many chips.  This way I get to eat a whole bag of chips!  I haven't had dessert the past few days. I haven't wanted any, and that is probably due in some part to all the binging on sweets I've been doing lately.  Today was the first day that I really wanted something sweet after dinner and I decided to write a blog post first and now I'm not really interested in eating anything.  Today I ended up about 85 calories over and that's pretty good.  I'm going to take another leaf from Katie and not let the red numbers bother me.  She figured out what number of calories worked for her, and I am going to have to figure out the same thing.  I was shocked when she stated on her blog that she is eating about 1900 calories a day for maintenance and MFP told her to eat only 1500 a day for maintenance.  Just goes to show you how much those calorie trackers don't know about each individual.  (However I do believe that Katie runs five days a week and does not add exercise calories back into the equation)  So that is another thing to think about.  For Katie's full story visit her blog at

Just in the past three days I have gone from 166 to 164.  I know it's probably just food and water weight, but it is still good to see.  I think I can get a good streak going again.  I really want to get a good streak going and figure something out before I get pregnant again just so that I can make sure I am eating right during my pregnancy.  (whenever we decide to try again, after recent events I'm a little apprehensive about it). 

So here is to the third good day in a row.  As Joy says from Inside out "We are going to have a good day which turns into a good week which turns into a good year, which turns into a good life!"

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