Monday, July 11, 2016

Some Good News

We had a pretty busy weekend.  We went to the Amusement Park with some friends on Saturday, and the kids had a blast.  It was the first day I had hit 10,000 steps in a long time due to resting my knee.  My knee is feeling a bit better, but it still is popping a lot and it will still hurt if I bend it as far as it will go.  I really think I just pulled a ligament or something somehow.  Sunday was church and I started doing my genealogy research, which turns out I stink at.  My dad's side is pretty much completed.  My dad comes from a long line of Mormons.  My mom however is a convert and none of her family has been researched.  However it turns out we have some relatives somewhere down the line that are also LDS as some of the names have been researched and their temple work done.  I was working on trying to find some names for several hours and couldn't really find anything.  There was one guy named Thomas Graham who I was trying to find, and I found a lot of things that might be him, but nothing that could definitively link him to his daughter Harriet Graham.  One census document is very close, everything seems right, except the age of Harriet is off by two years.  So maybe the person who typed it into the computer couldn't read the historical records quite right?  Maybe, maybe not, as there is a sibling two years younger than the Harriet listed.  Also all the birthplaces are listed as Pennsylvania, and while all the kids were born in Pennsylvania, the father is supposed to be from Ireland and the mother from England.  So I don't know, I think I'm in over my head.  I should go get some help. 

Anyway, I have some good news!  I haven't gained any weight!  I haven't been exercising, (in fact I've been moving less than normal due to my knee) and I haven't been counting calories.  I've just been trying to eat my meals Paleo, and I haven't been perfect either.  I've still eaten chips and cookies and various other non paleo items. 
By having my meals be Paleo, it really curbs my appetite for other foods, and the amount that I have been eating has been ever so slowly decreasing. 

Today we went up to the Aquarium, and the kids got to take pictures with the mermaids again.  I love the mermaid show, it's really neat.  They have a script that the actresses mouth the words to so it actually looks like they are speaking.  Super fun.  And Matt even got to go with us today!  It was a great family day out.   

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