Thursday, July 21, 2016

Leaving for Vacation

Life has been crazy busy over the past week.  Toss in a sinus infection and a cough and I don't know what to do with myself.  Here are a few highlights:

My birthday was yesterday!  My sister gave me a nephew for my birthday!  He is super cute, but there aren't even pictures up on facebook so I am not going to post any here yet.  We got to see him today and the kids both said that was their favorite part of today. 

I got some new hiking boots and workout clothes for my birthday.  All of my workout clothes don't fit anymore, and I really want to get back into exercise, I just have to do it in a way I don't get hurt again. 

My boots are RED!  My favorite color.  Couldn't be more perfect. 

Another fun thing that I just have to mention is Pokémon Go.  I loved that game when I was in middle school and I love the idea of going places to catch Pokémon.  It's getting people outside and moving around again.  In the original game you have to walk your character around to hatch Pokémon eggs and you have to physically walk around with the app open to hatch eggs in the game too. (although I've discovered riding your bike works too)  It's like a built in workout!  Matt and I joke that it's the game that is going to solve the obesity epidemic.  They just need to stop the game crashes.  So that has been totally fun and full of nostalgia.

We are leaving tomorrow to head to the Ranch for a whole week!  So I won't be blogging until maybe the 30th.  It is a much needed vacation for everyone.  Get away, get outside, and have the whole family together.  A whole week of having Matt around all day long!  I'm pretty excited to get outside and get moving and break in my new boots. 

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  1. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful vacation! Well deserved!