Monday, June 6, 2016

crunching numbers, weekly recap

I made it one whole week.  Can you believe it?  I started out one week ago at 181 and today I weighed in at 178.4.  That's down 2.6 pounds and a pretty good start.  I'm feeling pretty good.  I don't feel like I'm overextending myself or that I'm restricting in a way that will cause me to spiral out of control.  My foot is feeling much better and I was able to continue my workouts as usual today.  Today was the best day I've had as far as exercise goes so far.  Last week was really hard.  I was just so exhausted every day, but today I felt slightly better.  A little bit more energy. 

Lily still has a fever, we are pretty sure it is Colorado Tick Fever.  The good news is that it's not all that severe, and certainly not fatal.  Unlike limes disease it will be completely expunged from her body within six months and after the initial two weeks she should be back to normal.  I guess we will just have to lay low for a few weeks.  But now that dance recitals are over, we don't have much on the schedule.  It was pretty remarkable that she was able to feel well enough to go perform.  God does hear and answer prayers. 

Today is my Anniversary.  We have been married for 8 years!  We went to a Brazilian place called Tucanos.  It was awesome.  I feel like I didn't stuff myself stupid which is always good.  (It's an all you can eat meat and salad buffet.  It's pretty much awesome).  And we split a dessert.  I ate light all day long since I knew we were going to have a heavy dinner and MFP doesn't have much in the way of calorie counts for Tucanos, and since an all you can eat buffet is rather difficult to count I just put in 1,000 calories for dinner, plus 300 for the cake. 

Here are some interesting numbers for this past week as far as calories in vs calories out goes:

Day                 Calories consumed  (1900 goal)            Calories burned (calculated by my fitbit blaze)
Today                2,284                                                      2,937 (as of 8:30pm)    
Yesterday          1,937                                                      2,346
Saturday            2,316                                                      3,473
Friday                2,199                                                      3,507
Thursday           1,767                                                      2,763
Wednesday        1,825                                                      2,988
Tuesday             1,736                                                      3,013

So even on days where my calorie count was higher than my goal, my calories burned was way above what I ate.  So when you run the numbers, to lose 2.5 pounds you would technically have to have a calorie deficit of 8,500 calories.  My calorie deficit for each day last week looks like this:

Day                  Deficit
Today              653
Yesterday        409
Saturday          1,157
Friday              1,308
Thursday          996
Wednesday       1,163
Tuesday            1,277
Total Deficit    6,963

Notice how the numbers don't match up.  That's because our bodies and our weight are composed of much more than just calories in vs calories out.  Some of the weight loss is excess food weight.  Whenever I start eating less food, there is less inside me and so naturally I weigh less.  There is also water to take into account and any number of other things.  But now that I have a method of actually tracking how many calories I burn and how many calories I eat, I think it will be very interesting to see how the numbers match up.  Will I lose a pound with a 3,500 calorie deficit?  The second week will be more revealing since I won't be dealing so much with the whole starting out gap. 

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  1. Hope Lily feels better soon. Great job this week. Sounds like a nice balanced approach, which I know can be tough. It's great you're blogging again, enjoy your posts, appreciate the time you spend on them. Thanks!