Saturday, June 11, 2016

Tambourin- Flute

So I did some searching around on Google, and apparently Blogger doesn't allow you to upload audio files to blog posts.  So the way to get around this is to make your audio into a video.  I wanted to make a video that was one picture long and just have my song play to the one picture, but I have windows 10 and Windows Movie Maker has not yet been released for Windows 10, so I got some other free program with very basic functions.  Basically you add audio, and you add pictures.  I can't adjust the picture length so I had to select enough pictures to last the length of the audio, and the pictures go by fairly quickly.  Most of the pictures are nature pictures since I didn't really want to create a slide show.  The first picture is the one that was supposed to be up the whole time.  But I believe that this will suffice for what I want! 

About a month ago I created a recording of a song I had played in High School called Tambourin.  I'd been working on it with my flute teacher for a while because one of my main goals in taking lessons was so that I could  play this particular song.  Since this recording I've cleaned up the ending a little bit, but I'm still pleased with this recording and proud of myself for the progress I've made.  I'm hoping to try out for the local volunteer orchestra next year.  I would love to this year, but Matt has to finish all his internships.  His schedule is just to crazy right now.  Anyway, by next year I should be in a pretty good place to feel comfortable enough to try out.  So I hope you enjoy, a lot of hours went into practicing this piece.  This is Tamboruin by Francois Joseph Gossec


  1. Jenna,
    Your recording is excellent! I am very impressed! I especially like your very clear articulation and excellent attention to rhythmic accuracy. The end of that piece is SO difficult! You are doing well with it! If I could make one suggestion (I am a flutist and music teacher), I would suggest that as you continue working on the piece in anticipation of auditioning for the orchestra, listen carefully to the ends of phrases and be sure that your beautiful tone and vibrato go all the way to the ends of the phrases. For me, I know that sometimes, when I am not breathing well (deeply, supporting, etc.), I will lack good attention to the ends of phrases, so maybe it is even as simple as taking a look at where you are breathing and ensuring that you have enough air left to keep the music going all of the way to the end. I have always been intrigued when you have mentioned flute before on your blog and I am really so excited that you uploaded a recording! Bravo! I love to see people keeping music in their lives! Best wishes when the time comes to audition!!