Monday, August 1, 2016

Crazy Week

There has been a lot going on this past week it's been crazy!  First, our vacation was great.  We did a ton of hiking and outdoorsy activities.  Lily chased butterflies and caught them with her net, Chloe especially loved driving around on the ATVs.  By Thursday everyone was wiped and we decided to come home Thursday afternoon instead of Friday morning. 

 My eating was far from perfect, but it was also not terrible.  The worst thing was that I just snacked way too much and of course we had plenty of desserts.  But the meals in and of themselves were nutritious.  Back home, and back on track.  Speaking of getting back home.  We arrived in the middle of a massive lightning storm.  About 20 minutes after we got back home, I thought the world was ending.  We were being hit by baseball size hail!  It was the craziest thing I had ever experienced weather wise.  Needless to say, the damage was astronomical.  Fortunately both our cars were in the garage.  All compact cars left on the street were totaled.  Windows smashed in, water damage on the interior, and of course dents everywhere. 

This one has a big chunk missing out of it, but it was the first one that Matt dared to go outside and collect

That is a golf ball on the upper left, you can see the hail stones are bigger than it, also these hail stones had been sitting for a while and were a little melted

Grill cover ripped to shreds, grill dented but still works

Our solar panels are shattered

Most of the houses on the street now look like this.  Fist size holes punched through the siding.

 Thank goodness for homeowners insurance.  The sheds on the side of our house have holes punched through the top, and our garden is obviously decimated.  The pumpkin plant was growing really good too.  Lily slept through the storm, but Chloe was awake and got up to see it.  Too bad it happened after the sun set because we couldn't see very well. 

But onward and upward, and going to the ranch always seems to inspire me.  I'm determined to get my eating back into gear, I've completed three days on Whole 30, and I'm determined to finish the program this time around.  But more importantly , I'm determined to make permanent changes.  I'm tired of letting food rule my life and make me depressed, tired and miserable.  It's time to break free.

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  1. Glad you had a great vacation, you guys deserve it! I can't believe the damage that happened in the storm. If you hadn't shared pics, I'm not sure I would have fully comprehended how bad it was. Glad everyone is safe and thank goodness for home owners insurance, phew!