Friday, April 28, 2017

Keto Flu

Today is the third day and I'm pretty sure I have several Keto Flu symptoms settling in.  It is a little difficult to tell because of my head cold which I will just call a sinus infection from now on.  As soon as I start feeling tooth pain I know my cold has developed into a sinus infection.  I just use my Eucalyptus oil on a Q-tip and swab inside my nose several times a day and that always takes care of it after about 5 days.  I always know it's infected because the Q-tip comes out bloody.... not that you wanted to know that but hey! It might benefit someone... or just gross everyone out. 

Anyway,  Last night I made beef stroganoff for dinner and while the stroganoff was simmering the kids helped make Zucchini noodles!  It took them forever but since I had 45 minutes of simmering time to kill I didn't mind. 
The kids had so much fun making the Zoodles and it is the first time that they actually ate them with dinner!

Matt really liked the Stroganoff as well.  He cracks me up sometimes.  When I talked to him about going Keto he said "you know me, I eat whatever you put in front of me".  I guess I'm lucky in that regard, I can pretty much cook however I want and I get no kickback from my family.  Usually stroganoff is made with Sour Cream which is a big no no for me now, this has a lot of coconut oil in it, and some coconut milk, and it turned out super tasty. 
I would love to share the recipe but I'm concerned about copyrights since everything I make is from different cookbooks.  But some of these people have blogs of their own so maybe I can find it on there and link to it. 

I was hoping to get a lot of sleep last night since Lily doesn't have school today but as luck would have it, Lily threw up at 4am.  She also threw up on Tuesday and stayed home from school.  She slept for four hours that day and was fine the next day so I'm not sure what exactly is going on but I suspect it's due to lack of sleep on her part.  She has a bad habit of not going to sleep when we put her to bed.  She often keeps herself awake until after 9:00pm and now with the birds tweeting and the sun coming up earlier, she has been waking up much earlier than normal.  After changing the bed sheets, and giving her a bath and getting back to bed we slept until about 8am which was awesome but I was still exhausted from being sick, and many many days of poor sleep. 

Lily lost another tooth today while she was brushing her teeth!  That's both bottom teeth gone and her two top teeth are also loose. 
This morning I had a "Rocket Fuel Latte" except I made it with Chamomile Tea instead of Coffee because I'm Mormon and I don't drink Coffee.  It's called many things in the Keto world, many times it's called "Bulletproof Coffee".  It's coffee (or tea) combined with MCT oil or coconut oil, stevia, salt, cinnamon, and optional collagen peptides or protein powder if it's all you are eating for breakfast.  I ate it with one of my muffins, which I have decided I don't really like.  Maybe next time I will try them with more Stevia, or maybe next time I won't feel like I need as  much sweetness.  As time goes on you are supposed to get more sensitive to sweet foods. Anyway, I felt really nauseous after breakfast.  I think my system is just not used to such high fat contents.  Even when I was doing the Whole 30, it wasn't a high fat diet.  It did talk about increasing fat contents but it was more about keeping everything equal.  If it was high in anything, it was high in vegetables.  

At first I didn't think that the higher amounts of fat would psychologically bother me, even though I was warned about how it is really difficult for us in our fat phobic society to mentally make the switch.  However as I've been cooking over the past few days I've really noticed some hesitancy on my part which is purely psychological.  The idea of "that is so much fat!" "That is so much oil in my meat!  I'm supposed to cook directly in the bacon grease?!  That is too much oil to mix in with my eggs!"  It's not so much coconut milk or nut butters, but seeing that much raw oil certainly has all my alarm bells ringing from all the anti fat messages I've received over my lifetime.  I think I will be ok though, as I was warned that this could happen and a lot of places talk about just trusting the diet.  When I get really iffy about it, I just remember:  Well it's not like what I'm doing now is working, and it's not like what I've done in the past has worked so there can't be much harm in inverting my food pyramid, it's not like I felt great before this."  Which I didn't, I felt terrible.  Bloated and tired and sick all the time, and when I restricted my calories I was angry and hungry and still tired. 

So anyway I felt sick all morning, and at first I thought it was due to me being sick, but then I started thinking of the Keto Flu and sure enough nausea is one of the symptoms.  My book suggested taking a probiotic and eating fermented foods.  I have been forgetting about my probiotic since it lives in my fridge, separate from my other vitamins.  So I took my daily dose of those in the afternoon and now I feel slightly better.  I still think I will wait a week or so before trying one of the shakes again.  I think for now it's just too much fat in one meal.  Or I need to decrease the amount of oil I put in it, or take longer to drink it.  Like if I drank it over a 1 hour period of time instead of downing it in 5 minutes would it still affect me the same way? 

This is a useful page out of my favorite book "The complete guide to a High Fat Diet, The Keto Diet" by Leanne Vogel

I was hoping I wouldn't get Keto Flu too bad, but the nausea really surprised me and took me off guard.  I never had nausea with Whole 30 and I was kind of expecting to have symptoms similar to that, but so far the symptoms have been completely different.  So far my symptoms have been nausea and dizziness.  I've also experienced some foot cramps, but those have been very small and haven't been really bothering me.  I'm making Keto lemonade to help with electrolytes and taking a magnesium supplement (which came highly recommended).  The only supplement I added for going Keto was magnesium since that was mentioned in several places.
The two biggest pieces of advice for managing the Keto flu is to drink lots of water (easier said than done when you constantly feel like you are about to puke) and to be patient.  So I'm cool.  I can ride this out for a few weeks.  Hopefully in the next two weeks my sinus infection and the keto flu will be gone and I will be rockin' and rollin'. 

Well this post kind of got away from me and was much longer than I anticipated!  But it's all good.  Thank you all for your comments on my posts so far, it really makes me feel more like writing and it's good to know that people actually enjoy reading what I post!  So thank you to everyone who has posted since I started blogging again!


  1. Salt is the best thing to combat keto flu. You initially loose so much fluid that you need more salt. Some people drink pickle juice or just water with salt added. Magnesium will help with the leg/foot cramps also. Headaches are also common. I had so many side effects when I began keto that I was questioning why I was eating this way. I believe it was because I had messed up my hormones by dieting my entire life. Keto heals but it takes time. You can do it!

    1. Thanks for the advice and for cheering me on! I'm going to mention hormones soon in an upcoming post. I didn't know when I first started that Keto can help heal hormones that are out of whack. I'm sure mine are all messed up, and my eating has been less than stellar for a long time so I'm not in the least surprised with having some intense symptoms. In a podcast I was listening to by 2 Keto Dudes they talk about how the first several months Women are on Keto, their hormones are changing and that can result in much slower initial weight loss for women vs men.