Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cleaning House

Yesterday I weighed in at 186.2 which is 2.4 pounds down from last week.  Not bad for the first week back.  It's always easier to lose weight the first week, so we will see what happens this week. 

I'm trying to focus on healthy habits instead of all the nitty gritty details of counting calories or following a specific program.  I've done all that before and it just causes me to stress out, and nothing ever sticks anyway.  By this time, I know what is healthy and what is not, I know how various foods affect me, and I know what I should be eating.  So I'm trying to make sure that I get at least two water bottles of water down a day, which is up from my usual zero.  Interestingly, I like drinking water in the evening more than at any other time of the day (unless I'm exercising.  I can usually get a whole water bottle down during my workout.) 

Today the kids had a snowday, so I did Zumba from home.  I'm working on cleaning out my house.  Matt's calling it our 5 year purge.  I read that book called "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up." By Marie Kondo.  It's definitely what I needed to read before tackling the house.  I have gotten rid of so many things that were just cluttering up the house.  Many things I just needed someone to tell me it was ok to get rid of them.  Things that were useful but I never used.  It took 8 hours plus some miscellaneous item placement time just to clean out the closet in our bedroom.  The house is feeling much cleaner, and much more organized.  The only place that I can't seem to get the right feeling in is the kitchen and that is just because our kitchen is so incredibly small.  We have such limited counter space that it always feels cluttered.  I would like to pull some things off the counter, but I don't know where I would put them, as all the cabinets are full.  It really is a small kitchen, and one of the things I am looking the most forward to upgrading when we eventually move. 

I think that cleaning out the house is helping me mentally.  Giving me purpose, and leaving an uplifting and good spirit in the house.  I've been feeling better over the past month, especially when I spend time in the places that I've already cleaned.  I've also finished a few projects that had been left unfinished for years, such as my wedding scrapbook.  I finished that today and was able to toss everything else I didn't need, which was most everything in that giant bag.  That is one less thing to clutter up our house (the giant bag) and one more thing put in it's proper place.  The kids toy room is mostly finished.  I need to get one of those cubby shelves to organize all their toys.  That's the last really big project, and most of it is done.  After that there are a few odds and ends, but I hope to be done by the end of the month, which means I will have done my whole house in two months.  And that is pretty darn good. 

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