Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Today is the day to start!

Today is the day!  I made it to both Costco and the grocery store yesterday despite Lily throwing up her breakfast.  Fortunately my husband came home earlier than normal and was able to be with Lily while I went grocery shopping.  My specialty items should be arriving today from Amazon, these are things that are not necessary but make life a little easier.  Things like liquid stevia, ketone testing strips, and collagen powder.  Totally not required, but I guess I just like to shop and buy things, so I bought them.  I also finally bought a bulk order of organic meat from a local company called Callicrate Beef.  From the people I've talked to about them, they are the best local company.  All their animals are raised and processed right here in Colorado, and they value quality.  Free ranged, pastured, grass fed and all that good stuff that health people say you should be looking for.  I've been wanting to buy meat from them for a very long time, but never got around to it.  I figured this was the perfect time to stock up.  It's time to ditch conventional meat, this really is one thing that I am willing to sacrifice financially for because there is so much coming out about how the meat we are feeding our kids is negatively affecting them.  But that is another topic entirely. 

I ate a fat burning smoothie for breakfast and it made my stomach really upset.  I didn't throw up, but for the next few hours I felt pretty ill.  I think it's because my system is so used to getting carbs for breakfast and I've never eaten fat in that amount before (2 tbsp. coconut oil in the smoothie).  So maybe I need a little milder breakfast.  Something with eggs and maybe bacon, that is a little closer to my typical breakfast while I wait for my system to switch over and get used to a new diet.  (Hard core Keto followers don't eat bacon, I'm going to include it, but not overkill on it as some Keto plans have you do.  I really don't need bacon for every meal.)  But then again.... I'm also sick today, so maybe it's just a side effect of being sick.  I've been feeling bad all day, I even cancelled my flute lesson.  I didn't eat much for dinner either.
Note to self: do not use melted coconut oil in a cold drink, it causes the coconut oil to turn solid.  Coconut oil would be better in the warm version of this drink, but I'm still waiting for my MCT oil to come in... Learning curve

I didn't get everything made that I wanted to, but I managed to make dinner.  It was called one pot hamburger dinner and it was a ground beef and cauliflower rice skillet.  It was really good.  I've made them before, but this one was my favorite.  It had nutritional yeast in it which gave it a great taste.  Basically you just cook the beef, then add some cauliflower rice, beef stock, and Italian seasoning and cover and cook for 10 minutes then add the nutritional yeast at the end.  It was super easy which worked out well because I almost didn't make it due to not feeling well.  Hopefully I can get some good sleep tonight, I haven't been sleeping well over the past several days because my head has been filling up at night and the pressure has been really bad. I'm going to start using my Eucalyptus oil. 


  1. Congrats on starting!!!
    Just a little advice ....start very slow with adding coconut oil maybe 1/2 tsp to start and add it to tea. Also the simpler you keep your food choices the easier it is. I didn't do anything complicated for a couple months since it makes it harder to keep track of. A good app to try for tracking is Stupid Simple Keto. Easy to navigate through. Good luck!

    1. Thank you for the advice with the coconut oil. I tried a second shake today to see if I reacted the same way and I did. So now I know that it's the drink and not related to my head cold. So I'm going to back off the drinks for a week or so and then add them back in and follow your advice.