Monday, May 8, 2017

A New Low

Yesterday I had a new low on the scale: 183.4.  Yay!  First time I've passed 184 since January, so I'm pretty happy about that, but that success came after a really rough day.  Saturday was a hard day.  I feel like my body pulled out all the stops and did everything it could to make me binge on carbs.  The good news is: I didn't.  It's easier to not binge on carbs when I'm not eating any carbs.  It was purely psychological.  I did eat several snacks on Saturday, all Keto approved of course.  But Saturday I was tired and depressed and in a pretty bad mood all day.  By the time 12:00 came around I was ready for the day to be over.  My kids were great on Saturday though and that probably saved me.  I managed to play my flute and do some cross stitching to get me through the day.  In the evening I had a church meeting and that actually really helped me feel good.  By the time I went to bed I was feeling much better, and in the morning I had the nice surprise of being lower!  (Especially since on Saturday I was back at 185.2).  So that was a mental roller coaster. 

Sunday was a great day.  I did however eat a slice of home made sourdough bread.  I put butter on it and dipped it in oil, but then remembered that if you add carbs you are supposed to subtract the equivalent amount of fat.  Oh well, next time.  My in-laws stopped by for dinner and home made bread is sooooooo good.  I made it the first day I started Keto and I haven't touched it, not even on baking day, and I put out the oil/seasoning dip and it proved to be my downfall.  But you know what?  One piece of bread on day 12 isn't going to kill me.  It's now day 13 and I'm back to doing full keto.  I had my leftover Chorizo sausage and an avocado for breakfast and sipped on the other half of my morning rocket fuel chamomile tea. 

I'm feeling really good today, and I hope it lasts all day.  I still usually get pretty tired in the afternoon, but I'm pretty sure my body isn't fat adapted yet.  Hopefully Saturday was a turning point and things will get better from here.  I'm going to start weighing myself only once a week.  I've been weighing myself every day because I wanted to see how my body was reacting to the new way of eating.  I did learn one interesting thing.  On the day I ate a lot of cheese, my weight went up by half a pound the next morning.  Which is a classic sign of dairy intolerance.  So cheese in light supply for me.  I can get away with only a very small amount before it starts to give me a stomach ache at night.  I'm also hoping that by only weighing in once it will take the stress off of constantly trying to lose and then the daily fluctuations won't bother me because I won't know about them.  That's the idea anyway.  I could of course just switch to unbearable curiosity and start worrying about it all week, which is not something I want to do either.  I'm trying to just focus on eating and exercising: basically living a healthy life and let the weight take care of itself.  That is the goal anyway, we will just have to see how it goes.


  1. Great job on the new low weight! I'm really enjoying hearing your adventure with Keto. Thank you for being willing to share your story. I know that it a very hard thing to do, I think you are very brave! Sounds like it's going well overall. I want carbs all the time, but I def. feel better when I eat higher protein and fiber and lower carbs. Easier said than done though. Glad, too, that you are feeling better. Feeling under the weather just makes adulting so much harder. I, too, struggle with weighing myself too often and then letting what I see affect my day. I know that I have daily fluctuations, so weighing daily is not probably helpful for me, especially since I let that number affect more than it should. I know that I need to let things have a chance to actually change. I'm trying really hard to only weight once a week. I will be the first to admit that I am scale obsessed, so I have put it in my husband's car, so then it's literally out of the house, haha. :)

    Thanks again have a great week!

  2. How is keto going? just curious.