Tuesday, May 16, 2017

On Hold

I have several things to report.  The first being that last week I totally failed at the not weighing myself idea.  Half way through the week I did a check in and was 187, and of course got super upset.  That means in the first two weeks of Keto, I lost nothing, not even the water weight you are supposed to lose.  I was talking to one of my friends about it and I think I wasn't being strict enough with my approach.  I was eating too many vegetables, nuts, and too many dessert substitutes.  In short I wasn't willing to do what I needed to do to really make Keto work.  I don't want to micromanage my macronutrients and I know that if I restrict to the point that was recommended I'm going to binge because I know that if I restrict too much it triggers binge eating and then the whole thing wouldn't work.  Keto doesn't work if you are binging on carbs once a week.  So I'm taking a little hiatus while I work on figuring out what I want to do.

The other reason I'm taking a little break is because I have to go get my blood work done this week and one thing they are looking at is my insulin levels.  I want the test results to be reflective of what is actually go on inside my body.  I don't want a problem to be masked by the fact that I'm eating low carb.  When I talked to my doctor about going Keto she said it was a good place to start, and that eating that way could affect my insulin levels when I get the tests done.  I'm all for using Keto to treat a problem that might be there, but doing keto could make my blood work come back in the normal range when normally it wouldn't be in the normal range and then I wouldn't know I had a problem when I actually do.  I hope that makes sense.

One good thing that happened today was that I went in for my first massage ever and the massage therapist said that from how my muscles reacted, I take care of myself, and drink lots of water and I'm really healthy.  That made me happy to hear.  I might not be able to lose weight but doing exercise and trying to eat healthier is helping my body to be healthy overall.  It's also good to know I'm drinking enough water to balance out all my diet pepsi lol.  So that was encouraging. 

One annoying thing that happened today is I tried to schedule my HSG test today only to find out that my OBGYN referred me to a facility that does not take my insurance.  How frustrating!  So I had to call the doctors office, leave a message for the doctors aide, and request a new imaging order with a company that actually accepts my insurance.  The last time I left a message with them I never got a call back and I wanted to know if my blood work was supposed to be fasting or non fasting.  Fortunately the first test was non fasting and the second test I was able to go in for my ultrasound and ask the doctor in person, which was a good thing because the second one is a fasting one, and I'm getting that done on Thursday.  So I don't have very high hopes that I will hear back this time eventhough I tried to make my message sound urgent.  I'll call every day this week so that way when I go in for my appointment and my doctor asks why I didn't get my HSG test done I can say it's because their stupid aide never called me back even though I called 4 times.  So that means I will have to wait another month before I can get that test done.  Maybe something will be revealed in my blood work.  Just in case I never mentioned it yet, this is apart of my fertility tests my doctor ordered.  So far we have confirmed I'm ovulating just fine.  At least I'm getting help now and I'm not suck in limbo waiting for one year to pass. 

We went on a hike yesterday.  I had a good time.  I was the slowest person in the family (beat by a 4 year old) but at least I was there and I did have a good time.

This month is super busy and I don't know how much time I'll have over the next few weeks, but I'll try to post an update at least once every week or two. 

Oh, and I do have a plan brewing in the back of my mind.  I'm thinking of doing Keto with carb ups to help prevent me from binging.  I really think Keto is a step in the right direction, it's just not the whole answer.  I suppose the official name for it is carb cycling but basically you do Keto for two days and then one high carb day like 85-120 g carbs and then repeat. 

Ok, I'm off for now. 

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