Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Activities with the Kids

As I analyze my life which I'm sure all of us do, I frequently come back to the fact that I always seem to be trying to avoid doing activities with my kids.  I'm not talking about taking them out to the park or to the zoo although I could probably do a better job at getting out more, I'm talking about doing things at home with them.  I probably fail in the educational department.  Lily learned her ABCs by watching YouTube videos (Hurray for the IPAD and educational apps!).  Over the past few weeks I've been pouring through homeschooling websites and getting some new educational toys and activities that I think would be fun to do with the kids.  Now that they are getting older their options for educational play are more diverse and less droll.  I really don't do well with ages 1-2.  Chloe is still a challenge as her mental stage is very elementary and the activities I enjoy doing with Lily are too hard for Chloe.  (Such as preshcool workbooks, reading lessons, coloring (chloe eats the markers and crayons still, but she is getting better at this), cooking, crafts, puzzles and such.  But I did find some fun educational toys for Chloe that we played with today and Chloe just loved it.
Lily had a hard time not taking over of course.  Anyway, I found a really awesome blog

They have a lot of free downloads, but I have gone that route before.  I have tried to put together a sort of curriculum to do with the kids, even making folders and pulling activity ideas and worksheets from other blogs and trying to throw something together to have an educational component to the day.  It usually lasts a grand total of three days.  What I really like about this site is that she offers an actual Preschool curriculum, completely planned out, with lesson plans, and all the printables you need.  There are some things I will need to get and of course preparing the lessons will take time.  But it will be organized, and I won't be lost, and I won't be trying to re-invent the wheel.  The whole program is only $15 (of course once you factor in costs of printing and laminate that goes up) and I think that it could be invaluable for me and the kids.  Give us a sense of structure, make feel like I have more purpose and that I am actually being constructive and interactive.  The lessons is a 26 week program that teaches the ABCs.  You use the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom as a companion throughout the program and I already put our coconut tree up on the wall.  The kids seemed pretty interested (at least in grabbing as much tape as possible).
For free handing it and having Lily put up the trunk of the tree, I thought it turned out pretty good.  As you learn the letters you put them on the coconut tree just like in the book.

So what does all this have to do with weight loss?  Really not that much, what it has to do with is living life, and that is exactly what I am trying to do right now.  I'm trying to live to the best of my ability, and find meaning and purpose.  I'm trying to be the best person I can be, I'm trying to stop stress eating (which was sooo hard tonight), stop binge eating, be happy, and think of other things besides food. 

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