Sunday, November 22, 2015

Check in

I'm warning you now, this post is going to be very short. I just wanted to check in because I realized I hadn't posted in a while. I have been stitching (cross stitch) like a crazy person. I'm trying to finish Lilys stocking before Christmas. Every free moment I've had has gone to working on it. I've been staying up until 11:00 most nights working on it and I'm well over half way done. I think at this pace I can finish in time but my blog will probably be neglected along with most of the household cleaning.  I did make Mu shu pork for dinner today from Julie Bouer's paleo cook book and it was so good. I have loved every recipe out of that book, it's definitely a great book to have in your kitchen for healthy eating.

I am going to try to get some pictures of my stocking and post them but that takes time and effort and I kind of have a one track mind right now. I will post tons of pictures when I am finished with it.

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