Monday, November 9, 2015

Game Plan

After much thought I have finally come up with a game plan of sorts.  I have set four goals to work towards.  Once I feel like I have accomplished one of those goals I will take it out and put another one in or I will modify it. 

So the first one is of course my nemesis: sugar.  This one went through several adjustments before I finally settled on what I figured would work for me.  At first I was thinking of making my goal to only eat desserts on holidays and special occasions, but that is much too hard, so I was thinking of once a week, but that also seemed too hard, then twice a week, and I finally settled on the easiest thing I thought I could do: Every other day.  No other restrictions.  Noting to the effect of "one dessert on days I'm allowed sugar".  No it's every other day.  Basically, if I eat sugar one day, I can't eat any the next day.  No chocolate chip pancakes or white chocolate lemon bread.  No candy, or baked goods or treats.  I have to have one day of no sugar in between each day I have sugar.  I can have multiple days of no sugar but I can't have back to back days of sugar.  Once I master that, I will change it to something like, three days a week, then two, then one or I will start refining and say "two treats on sugar days" or something like that. 

The second goal I have is to eat slower.  I am such a fast eater that I often finish my meals in five minutes or less.  Considering you are supposed to take somewhere around 20 minutes to eat your meal (because it takes 20 minutes for the signals to reach your brain that you are full) that is something I really need to work on.

The third goal is to not go back for seconds.  I think I could cut out a ton of calories if I never went back for seconds of anything be it snacks, meals, or desserts.  Going back for seconds or thirds is a terrible habit that I need to change.  So I am going to make sure I pay attention to what I eat and how much I eat and not go back for seconds.

Fourth is that my dinner will be Paleo friendly.  I am really good at making Paleo dinners but I don't cook every night.  So the challenge comes in when I am not cooking or when I am out.  That will help a lot too.  Makes sure I don't just decided to go get a pizza. 

And that is the game plan for now. 


  1. I think this sounds like a good plan! I have been reading a new book that you might be interested in. The Weight Loss Scriptures: The 30-Day Daily Devotional for Weight Loss Motivation. On day 5 is Embrace the grace. It is about condemning yourself. I think you might enjoy it. I am with you and the struggle and I to am trying to find a fix for me. I hope to find it through God. I will pray for you.

  2. Those sound like good goals! GO Jenna!!!

  3. I too think you have a great realistic attainable plan. I've followed your blog for awhile now and I'm so motivated & inspired by you!!! Even when you feel your struggling I gain so much from you. Thanks for sharing the good the bad & the fugly.