Saturday, February 20, 2016

Day 3 Whole 30 round 2

I've made it past day three.  Today was harder not because I was hungry or tempted to eat things I knew I shouldn't.  It was because of my mood.  I was tired and cranky all day.  The past two days I've had a headache and I've been dealing with some pretty bad cramps.  I'm pretty sure I jumped into the "Kill all the Things" phase today.  I've just been grumpy, moody, and tired.  But I know that my body is just adjusting and past this, good things are to come.  We did go on a hike today, which was good for me. I'm at about 16k steps for the day.  I haven't been exercising much lately so it was good for me to get out.  I feel like my athletic abilities are back at square zero.  Not very encouraging to get started and get moving again.  As my weight rises, my desire to move decreases and it's just a vicious cycle.  I'm hoping that two weeks into my Whole 30 I will have more desire to move again just because I have more energy.  I do want to work out, it's just that right now I feel so awful.  I need to get my eating back in control first so my body can feel good again. 

Today I ate my traditional egg scramble with sweet potato/russet potato hash browns and a few macadamia nuts on the side.  That was my breakfast.  For dinner I had leftover curry.  The recipe calls for scallops, but I've only ever made it with shrimp.  It's still really good.  One of my favorite Whole 30 compatible recipes.  I made it with cauliflower rice and asparagus, yum yum.  Dinner was buffalo ranch turkey meatballs with zucchini noodles.  Those are also very good.  Of course I like all things with buffalo sauce in them.  Even Chloe ate one of the meatballs.  She is much better at eating spicy food than Lily.  She is also much less picky.

By the evening, the kids were really grating on my nerves. It was the whininess and I just couldn't put up with it anymore.  First whining of needing a bandaid (which they didn't but I obliged while I was trying to finish making dinner) and then it was the wrong princess so she threw a fit over that.  Then Chloe was throwing a fit over eating her cookies a certain way.  It was a mess.  They ended up going to bed at 6:30, which is a whole half hour before their bed time, but I think with the hike they needed the extra sleep. 

Well that's about all, sorry I haven't been good at posting pictures lately, I will try to be better, even if it is just pictures of my food.

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