Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Getting past the initial phase

Last week was a mess.  We had a three day blizzard and the kids were both sick.  Being stuck at home all week, topping it off with fevers and gnarly coughs makes for a rough week.  I felt like we couldn't even do anything fun together during the week because the kids were so grumpy and had such short attention spans.  By Wednesday I had given up (this starting the previous Saturday) and we pretty much chilled for the next three days.  Lots of movies, which of course means lots of popcorn.  The worst thing for me is to be stuck at home all day long with nothing much to do.  I couldn't go out because of the storm.  Even after it stopped snowing I wanted to wait as long as possible for the roads to dry.  Besides that, the kids were still sick.  It's like they were holding a coughing competition to see who could cough the most.  Of course that meant coughing all night long which translated into bad sleep all week and also me being tired, and achy.  I was fortunate to not actually come down with what they had, but I think my body was definitely fighting it because I didn't feel my greatest last week. 

Health and fitness would just have to wait another week.  So yesterday I started using an app called Lose it, which was recommended to me in a comment.  I thought it would be nice to mix it up a little bit.  Maybe all I needed was something a little new, a little different.  What I need is probably a kick in the butt.  But I made it through Monday and today tracking!  Which makes it my longest record of tracking in over a year.  Go me.  I find tracking dinner to be the worst.  I just want to start eating and I don't want to take the time to plan something out.  But if I hadn't been tracking, I would have gone way over today.  This evening I had about 350 calories left for dinner (due to the double serving of brownies I chose to eat after lunch) and instead of saying "screw it all" like I wanted to, I actually cooked some fish and paired it with frozen veggies and came in at 6 calories under for the day.  Woo Hoo!  I just need to get a good groove going and then I know I can sustain it, I just have to get started.  I did pair the app with my fitbit, which I started wearing again since I am not exercising much now I figured it would be good to start wearing it.  I stopped wearing it when I was training for my triathlon because each day I was getting in about 25k steps and it didn't seem like it was doing me much good.  I got in my 10k steps today and yesterday (just barely but I'm glad I got them in!)  Today I went the looooong way to get the mail.  The road I am on makes a .8mile circle and I decided to take the kids and walk around it and get the mail when we got back to our house.  That was important in getting in all my steps and got me moving a little bit. 

I sure am tired though, and it's only 8:30.  When I am coming off of a food fog, I am always tired.  That is why it is so hard to get momentum going, you have to claw your way through the uncomfortable stages before you can reap the benefits of eating healthy.  You have to deal with cravings, fatigue, mood swings, irritability, and your body not being happy before you can start feeling good.  It's your body's way of cleaning itself out and that isn't a pleasant process which is why it is so hard to start.  I just have to get past that phase. 

Well, on to day 3. 


  1. Sorry everyone has been sick. Hope things are starting to turn around. I am still struggling to trying to get back on track and lose at least a pound or more for the month of February.

  2. Your one amazingly strong person! I admire the fact that you never give up. You always keep trying. I also admire the fact that you post it here. All of it. The falling. The getting up. The changing. The deciding. The new. The old. Most people stop sharing not you. That's so awesome because it really speaks LIFE. REAL life !! Thank you for being you.