Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekly Recap

I felt like I did better than the scale reflected this week.  Which is why it's a good thing I'm taking into account more things than just the number on the scale.  This week I did not eat any sweets.  My personal triumph for this week is that the day I planned on going to the movies and eating popcorn didn't turn into a free for all food fest.  I had my popcorn at the theaters and I stayed on eating healthy for the rest of the day.  I was tempted of course to make it a free day, but then realized that was dysfunctional thinking.  I've already had my treat for that day and now I need to make sure I keep eating well.  Also, I stayed eating healthy on Sunday.  Matt did request French Toast for breakfast which I ate with the family, but then made sure to eat good foods the rest of the day.  The problem I think, is just eating too much.  So as much as I may not want to, I am re-downloading My Fitness Pal and I am just going to have to pay attention to how much I am eating.  The hard part with tracking besides just not wanting to do it is making sure I don't get too caught up with the numbers.  When I was tracking before, I would hate to see any red (meaning I was over for the day) and it would ruin the rest of the day if I was getting close or if I went over and it would probably ruin the next several days as well and trigger a period of not tracking and eating everything in sight.  So, while I have a goal of about 1500 calories, I'm going to be more flexible in my numbers.  If some days I eat 1700 that's ok.  If some days I eat 1400 that's ok.  If we go out once (or to the movie theaters) and I eat 2100 calories in a day that is ok.  The goal is to continue to make healthy choices and to break my binge eating habits. 

So here is the news:  First the less encouraging:

weight: 166  That is up .5 pounds from last week
Body Fat: 36.1 That is up .6% from last week (although I do have doubts about how accurate my body fat sensor is on my scale.  I think I want to get a fitbit scale, but that's another discussion for another time)

Now for the more encouraging news:
starting measurements: waist 36"  today: 35"
                                      Hips 41 3/4 " today: 41"

Meaning that while my weight may not be moving much and who knows what my scale is thinking about body fat (I notice that if you are hydrated you have a lower body fat percentage and if you are dehydrated your body fat percentage skyrockets) I have at the very least gotten rid of some excess bloating.  I have shrunk ever so slightly, which is always a step in the right direction. 


  1. Good for you! I started the 21 day fix today! I am hoping to lose some inches or weight.

  2. Have you ever tried the Lose It app it's similar to My Fitness Pal, but I like the ease of tracking it provides. I need tangible evidence I have consumed enough and tracking is proof. I'm so happy you did so well with sugar, that is really hard and you did AMAZING. I'm so glad you haven't given up because it's about progress not perfection. Sometimes you have to step back and remember when you felt your best. What were you doing during that time? and Are you in a place to have that lifestyle again?
    We often compare ourselves to others and try to mimic what works for them and then get discouraged when we can't maintain that lifestyle for ourselves. We are not a failure because we honestly tried and it didn't work as well for us. You obviously have some tools that worked well in the past, I suggest you dust yourself off and start doing what worked so well before. We all want to be back where we were immediately, but the longer we linger in the past the longer it takes to get back. You are a HUGE inspiration even if you don't feel that way right now. You can totally do this!