Monday, December 15, 2014

Birthday Weekend

Today is Lily's birthday and she is turning 4!  We had her birthday party on Saturday and then on Sunday it was my Father-in-Law's birthday.  So I was partying all weekend.  For Lily's birthday I wanted to make her this rainbow cake I saw on pinterest because she is really into My Little Pony and we had a My Little Pony birthday theme.  She was so excited for her cake.  "I'm going to have a rainbow cake just like Rainbow Dash!"  She would say.  She helped me make the cake, dying each of the six layers, and had a blast.  And then came time for me to put it together....
So I went back to the store and bought cake mix without pudding in it and the second attempt turned out much better.
The party was great, we had about 8 kids there, which was perfect.  We played Pin the cutie mark on Pinkie Pie, and I cut out these ponies from the foam sheets we had and they all got to decorate a pony with the sparkely stickers that have been lying around the basement for a year.  Then of course cake and presents.  It turned out great. 

Yesterday I made some Oreo truffles for my Father-In-Law's birthday and we had a good time seeing them.  Today Lily wants to go to the indoor water part at our Gym so when the open at 10 we will be heading there for two hours (they close again at noon then open later in the day).  Lily wanted cake for breakfast and is currently playing on the Ipad.  Whatever floats her boat, it's her birthday!

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  1. LOL... after the first attempt I would have purchased a bakery cake. You have a lot of determination.