Saturday, December 6, 2014

Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Said the Turtle

This morning I was 152.0 so that is .8 pounds down from my last weigh in, woo hoo!  In the right direction.  It has been a rocky week, my motivation has been up and down.  I had one really really good day, and one really bad day and a few eh days.  I am slowly pulling myself back together and for now slowly is good.  I have some new goals to work towards.  I definitely do better when I actually set weight loss goals and give myself a timeline.  I have a new OBGYN I am seeing in January and I would love it if for the very first time in FOREVER I could actually be in my healthy weight range at a doctor's appointment.  Which means I have to get to about 142ish, since I will be up a few pounds from my morning weight after breakfast and all that jazz.  I am not entirely sure if I will make that one since we are still in the throughs of the holidays and I have two birthday parties to get through (my daughter's and my father in law's).  But I would still like to be as close to 145 at my doctor's appointment as possible.  Also, our one ski trip of the year falls in the middle of February and I would love to be about 140 for that trip.  It was when I got over 145 that I started having problems with my feet skiing.  Namely, they go numb.  I have no idea why, but it never happened until my weight got over 145.  It might have to do with aging, but it might have to do with weight, and in case it does have to do with weight I really really want to be below 145 for this ski trip.  I was trying to hit that mark last year but right at the beginning of the year I hurt my foot and that was out.  So I am going to really try hard to hit it this year.

That's all I've got right now, this is more of just a check in post to let you all know I am still here and getting this figured out.

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  1. Your awesome, I’m excited you’ve set a few goals and are on your way. I can totally relate to the OBGYN that was actually a goal of mine when I started WW. I’m sure you’ve seen Katie’s food journal, I love that she eats like a real person. I would love to see a post(s) about a typical day in your food journal, it gives me ideas for meals and snacks… and hey it may help you stay on track. Thanks for being so open about your struggles and bounce backs.