Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Feelings on Meal Replacement Shakes

I made it through yesterday and Today!  I was over yesterday though because I decided to make popcorn with Chloe in the evening while we watched a movie.  I couldn't get her to go to sleep and Matt and I were planning on watching a movie anyway and all of a sudden she goes "Mommy.  Popcorn!"  I knew she was wide awake and so I decided to let her stay up with us.  The look on her face was rewarding, she was so excited, dancing all around saying "popcorn, popcorn, popcorn!"  I was proud of myself because I didn't eat any other treats and I didn't overeat earlier in the day.  The popcorn was my treat.  Today we went to go get Korean food and I think I did really well with my eating.  I went to Body Attack this morning and was totally wiped afterwards.  It's been a long time since I have worked that hard.  It felt good, but it was really hard.  I have some work to do to get back to where I was before the holidays hit.  I am proud of myself that I was able to refrain from overeating in the afternoon.  I told myself "no we are going to be eating in an hour and a half and I want to be hungry not full when we get to the restaurant."  I had Dolsot BiBim Bap which is basically rice with vegetables.  There is a LOT of rice though, which drives up the calories.  Plus I don't know what is in that red sauce you always put in it.  Koreans aren't really into sugar though, so I hope not too many calories.  Matt translates the sauce to mean "red pepper paste" because it's made from this Korean red pepper. 
Dolsot Bibimbap

I feel like I have been doing well this week so far.  Nothing extreme and definitely nothing strict.  I'm focusing in Liveable this time.  I don't want to have another relapse because I was pushing myself too hard and trying to change too many things at once.  I am thinking of working out 4 times a week.  Two Zumba classes, then Body Attack (which is cardio with strength and HIIT) and then one Body Pump class (which is a lot of strength training).  I think that makes for a pretty well rounded workout and a well rounded week, but not spending too much time at the gym.  I think 4 days a week is something I can keep up with. 

Since the New Year is coming up and the diet season will be in full swing in about two days, maybe three, I wanted to talk about spending money on diet plans, mainly Meal Replacement Shakes.  I have a strong hatred of meal replacement shakes that stems back to my sixth grade year when I was on the slimfast diet.  Slimfast was the popular thing at the time, and it was easy.  Just buy their shakes, have one for breakfast and lunch and viola!  Instant weight loss.  My beef with meal replacement shakes for the purpose of weight loss is more involved than just the fact that it's a drink and drinks don't usually leave me feeling satisfied.  My issue with meal replacement shakes for the purpose of weight loss is that they don't teach you anything.  You don't learn about healthy food choices, you don't learn about portion control, you don't learn what foods fuel your body and make your perform well, you don't learn how to cook healthier meals, you learn nothing!  So you take these shakes, and then when you decide you are done with them you go right back up to where you were before because you go right back to your old habits and your old way of eating.  Nothing has changed, you haven't learned anything.  You haven't learned a new way of life, or a new way of eating. 

That is why I despise weight loss shakes, I feel like businesses are preying on the desires of overweight people, and taking advantage of them. It's all well and good while you are using the product, but as soon as you stop then BAM, right back to square one.  This doesn't mean I haven't fallen prey to meal replacement shakes, in fact on three separate occasions in the year 2013/2014 I used them.  1. when my sister and brother in law signed up for Herbalife, I bought some replacement shakes to support them in their business and they helped me lose 10 pounds during the 2013 holiday season.  2. When I hit my plateau and got desperate I tried 310 shakes and hated them, they left me starving about a hour later.  That one was a mistake, live and learn.  3. When I bought Turbo Fire and Chalean Extreme from Beach Body I got caught up in the hype of everything and ordered some Shakeology (That is actually a very good product, and I actually liked it the most but seriously who can afford $130 each month for it?)  These three experiences taught me something.... I don't like to use meal replacement shakes!  (So I guess really, I learned nothing.....)

Now there is one situation where I don't think meal replacement shakes are a bad idea and it revolved around one simple idea: you aren't using them for weight loss.  So here is an example: my sisters do not like to eat breakfast.  They know breakfast is important, but they have a hard time eating a full meal in the morning, and besides that they are busily getting out the door and off to school or work.  A great solution to this is a meal replacement shake that has lots of protein, fiber, and vitamins in it.  It's easier and faster for them to drink their breakfast and makes them happier.  So they can be beneficial... just not for weight loss.  I actually keep protein powder in the house so that I can make a protein drink for myself occasionally because occasionally, that is what I want.  Maybe my stomach isn't feeling too great, or maybe I'm still full from the day before (Thanksgiving!) or maybe I just want a protein shake because I like the way they taste.  The point is, I'm not using it as a meal replacement to lose weight, it's just my breakfast or lunch for that day. 

So as 2015 rolls around lets all focus on losing weight the healthy way: Through changing our habits, and changing our minds to reflect a healthier way of thinking, a healthier way of living.  Remember, Slow and Steady wins the race. 

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  1. I don't like meal replacement shakes either and like you I agree that it is not teaching you how to be healthy. Thanks for sharing. I have not got my eating all the way under control yet on my second day. I did not even make myself walk today. Oh well best of luck!