Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Bribe

I am excited because we will (hopefully) be getting a new TV soon.  Our TV is about 10 years old, it's a tube TV and still has the three prong hookup in the back (A/V cord).  Our DVD player is about to go the way of all the earth, it sounds terrible and skips the DVDs a lot.  We have to clean off each DVD before we put it in and blow into the DVD player to try and displace some of the dust.  I decided that I'd had enough and went out and bought a blueray player only to find out, our TV is too old to hook up to the player.  Bummer!  But we are hanging onto it because we will (hopefully) be buying a new TV soon.  (I say hopefully because we are waiting for an extra paycheck to come in =D

(Warning:  Geek Alert !!!!)  Of course the thought of a new TV got me thinking that I needed to get a wii to go with the new TV so I could finally play my Zumba Wii games that Majesco sent me when I wrote them about using their Zumba Dance app to lose weight.  (I wrote them a thank you email that basically said thanks for making the games, I love them and use them all the time and I have lost 60 pounds playing Zumba Dance).  They sent me some Wii games for free :-)  but I still don't have a Wii.  Anyway, I started looking into the gaming systems and found out that it is still pretty expensive to buy a brand new Wii (about $150) and that the new Wii U is $300 bundled with an expensive game (Super Mario 3D world).  To make matters more interesting, my sister came over the other day and we fished out the old Nintendo 64 and played Mario Party 2 (they are now on Mario Party 10 coming out for the Wii U next month).  Did I mention that I'm a gamer at heart?  Totally not hard core, but I do love video games.  Anyway, Lily has been loving Mario Party 2, even though she doesn't quite get the concept of everything (like moving around, she does really good at the games where she has to push one button haha!).  So I'm sitting here looking at gaming systems (I have never bought an at home system before.  When my parents upgraded to a Wii, I snitched the old N64).  I was reading several reviews of the Wii U just to see if it was worth buying, and it seems like the general consensus is that it will still be out for several more years and some great games are coming out for it, and it has received some good upgrades.  Now I can't go to the Xbox One or PS4 (which are generally considered to be better systems) because I remind you.... I have Zumba World Party on Wii.  Since the Wii U will play Wii games, and I feel a little weird about paying $150 on an outdated system I was talking to Matt about all this and said "So I think that if I win the challenge at the gym or in failing that, when I get to my goal weight, I will buy the Wii U".  *pauses and waits for response*    "Okay Jenna that sounds like a good idea."    Cue Happy Dance!!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!!!!  EXCITEMENT!  That is something I am willing to work my butt off for! (Literally bwahahaha).

So the moral of the story is: A little bribe (or in this case, a large bribe) never hurts. 
Wii U with Mario Party 10, Mario Kart 8 and my all time fav: legend of Zelda.... Here I come!!!!  Woo Hoo!
Geek out.

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