Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Would You Rather?

I am super excited today because I finally did something I have been wanting to do for a while.  I started a challenge for the Modestly Slim facebook group!  If you haven't joined in yet you should!  Ever since my Turbo Fire challenge ended last July I've been feeling lost, empty and out of place.  I loved having the online support, communication and accountability of the group.  I loved checking the posts all day long, posting my progress and my workout photos, posting motivation, commenting on people's posts, sharing my experience and helping others.  So I created my own challenge for our group!  It's a combination of the Turbo Fire challenge and another challenge called feel great in 8 .  However I think the feel great in 8 is too structured.  You have to keep track of how many servings of vegetables, fruit, fiber, protein you have each day as well as exercise, uplifting reading and a bunch of other stuff.  you get docked points for going over your calories and for eating too many treats etc.  It's crazy and some people love that structure but it is way complicated.  Anyway, I set it up so that I will track all the points like in the Turbo Fire challenge we had someone who was the administrator of the challenge and tracked all our points so I'm acting as the administrator but I'm also participating in the challenge.  I don't have very many categories since I want to keep it simple, and the points are low on purpose, It's simpler haha!  Instead of giving out 10 points I give out 1.  I get to throw in bonus points whenever I want and administer extra challenges for the week or day if I want to.  I'm loving it and we are only on day 2!  So make sure to join and read the pinned post which will give you all the details.  It's only day 2 and I feel just like I did back in the Turbo Fire challenge, if it goes really well I think I will do several challenges a year.  I'm still thinking up what to offer as the prizes, since my blog isn't widely known I don't make any money on my ads, and no companies give me free things to give away or to try so I have to spot all the money for the rewards... Meaning they will be small rewards, which I think goes right along with what I am trying to accomplish: Making lifestyle changes that will result in a thinner, healthier, happier person.  If you are doing something just for the monetary reward at the end, odds are you won't keep up the changes after the challenge. 

Join by clicking here!

So here is an interesting thought I had today.  My mind started down a familiar path that I'm sure you all have been on and I started asking the question "Why me?  Why does this have to happen to me?  Why do I have to struggle so much with my weight and my relationship with food?"  As I was pondering this another thought came to me "everyone has challenges, this is just your challenge.  It is a result of where you live: in a wealthy country in a time and place that has plenty of food.  Would you rather live somewhere or during a time when food was scarce?  Would you rather your challenge be facing starvation or facing obesity?" 

Put in that light, I don't think I would like facing starvation very much.  As much as I hate struggling with my weight, I would much rather prefer this challenge than the challenge of not being able to find enough food for me or for my family, watching people die because they couldn't put food on the table would be a much tougher challenge than watching people gain some weight from overeating.  Not that the problems that come with overeating and obesity are not hard to live with, or detrimental, just different and put in that light I am thankful for my own challenges. 

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