Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A New Approach

Right now I have to carefully monitor myself.  I just can't trust myself, and I can't control myself.  If I have the green light I really just go crazy.  So I've decided to look at my calendar and outline the special days that I will allow myself "less healthy" food.  When I know of an event that I know I will want to eat something special at I will determine what I am going to allow myself to have in advance.  This may seem a little strict but it is better than "no off plan foods ever" and it isn't so free that I just eat a whole plate of cookies every day.  So I know my sister is having her birthday next week and if I am celebrating with her (teenagers-I'm not sure I'm invited to the party yet.  But I am sure we will celebrate sometime). I am allowing myself one piece of birthday cake, or maybe I will take her to coldstone since she doesn't like cake and she loves ice cream so I will allow my self one small Ice cream.  For Halloween I am going to let myself have 4-5 pieces of candy and that's it.  That will insure that I pick out my favorites and hopefully I will think to eat them slowly and enjoy them because I only get a few pieces and not the whole bag.  This way I don't miss out on life, but I have a plan.  Sure there will be occasions where things pop up where I will want to eat something.  But for now (unless I know about it several days in advance) I'm just going to say no.  If the day is not outlined and it is outside of my planned treat then the answer is no.  I just have to suck it up and learn to say no.  I need to get a healthy relationship with my treats.  Not feeling deprived, depressed, or like I'm missing out, and also not going AWOL.   I might be a little bit more liberal with my diet soda.  That will probably be the last thing I kick.  For now, lets try to find a plan that I can actually do!

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