Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Spin on Jack-O-Lantern's

I think I have a new favorite recipe.  It's amazing.  I love buffalo flavored things.  Buffalo spice and buffalo sauce are so yummy.  Must be he hot sauce.  Anyway.  I found a recipe for Buffalo Chicken stuffed peppers.  Wow, so good.  Lily had a blast helping me make them too because we carved faces in them!

How's that for a Halloween dinner!  Talk about good timing on that one.  I of course would never have thought of such a thing on my own and the good people at primally inspired thought it up for me.  The recipe is here:
It was really easy to make too.  Just mix some spices, sprinkle on chicken, bake, melt butter and add hot sauce.  Combine with chicken and boom!  You just have to make sure you start plenty early because the baking time adds up to over an hour.  Not a spur of the moment meal, but not a hard meal and you can do other stuff while the food is baking in the oven. 

Lily made each one a different monster.  That big yellow one above is a zombie, the red one a vampire.  There is also a Ghost and I think the bright orange one is just a pumpkin with a smiling face.  They were a little spicy since they do have hot sauce in them, but Chloe ate them.  They were a little hot for Lily but she said she liked them.  Definitely recommend!

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