Monday, October 12, 2015


I just got back from vacation in West Palm Beach, Florida! 
Chloe on the airplane traveling to Florida, she was super excited

We had a good time but it was also a very strange vacation just because all these weird things were happening.  My diet flew out the window as there were seven of us all together and we ate out several times.  I didn't want to worry about it.  We had a very small kitchen so we focused on easy meals: Tacos, spaghetti, and frozen stir fry.  I ate oatmeal for breakfast and had a lot of sweet potato chips and drank a lot of diet pepsi.  (and I'm paying the price for it now.  I'm really bloated and today I am so incredibly tired... but that also might be jet lag.  I'm sitting at 155.4 after vacation.  Ouch).  But still the kids had a good time playing at the beach and making sand castles and looking for seashells. 

There was a hurricane that went North of where we were staying so it didn't hit us but it caused really large waves and a strong riptide current so the kids couldn't go out into the water for the first four days.  They splashed around in the waves as they washed up on the beach and we had to hold onto Chloe because she liked it when the water pulled at her as it washed back into the ocean.  On the fifth and sixth days the current disappeared but the waves were still a little large and there were thousands of fish in the water.  Along with the fish were sharks.  It was crazy because you could see the sharks chasing the fish.  There would be a line of fish that would jump out of the water then you would see a dorsal fin of a shark come up and see them chasing after the fish.  It was really neat to watch.  But there was no playing in the water those days.  On the seventh and final day the ocean was finally calm enough to go into with the kids and the sharks had departed.  The kids were having a blast in the ocean as it was the first time they had been able to get in all week.  They really enjoyed floating in the waves... until Chloe started screaming.  She was grabbing her foot and of course I immediately thought of the sharks last night and thought there were sharks in the water.  Not so.  I put my hand down by her foot to see what was going on and immediately felt intense pain on my forearm.  It was a jellyfish.  Just our luck.  Poor Chloe got stung across the top of her food by her toes and my forearm was swiped.  We both booked it out of the water, closely followed by the rest of the family.  Lily still wanted to go in the water so while Chloe and I were sitting in the sand waiting for the pain to pass (Being from the mountains I had no idea what to do when getting stung by a jellyfish, and my sister-in-law's advice of peeing on it was not helpful.  I was not about to start peeing on my daughter's foot on a public beach.)  So Matt took Lily down to play in the waves and he was looking out in the water and said he saw a large jellyfish floating in the water.  I was thinking they would have been the smaller ones but nope, we get large ones.  I'm just glad that Chloe's foot didn't get wrapped up in the tentacles. 

Those pictures were taken today, so three days after being stung.  Chloe definitely got it worse.  But Chloe gets over pain pretty quickly and after a while she decided to go play in the pool where there weren't any "mean jellyfish".  It was so sad, because that was the first time they were able to play in the ocean all week.  So back to the pool we went.  Chloe discovered jumping in the pool this last week and she spent several hours just jumping in the pool an climbing out over and over and over again. 

Three of us shared a bed but I would always put the kids to bed first and then bring Chloe out to sleep with her Aunt on the fold out couch.  I went into the bedroom after putting the kids to bed once and found this:
That was pretty funny.  I didn't know kids actually slept like that!  We also went to the turtle rescue center.  That was neat, they even had an albino turtle that someone found!

We also went on a little nature hike.  That turned out to be a bad idea though because the kids got eaten alive by mosquitos and lily freaked out after smacking one on her hand and it exploded blood all over.  I'm sure in her head it was like a horror movie.  You have all these bugs all over you exploding blood all over the place.  She ran out of the trail screaming. 
And we ate out A LOT.  It was such a nice break from cooking and from worrying about what to make and what to eat and what not to eat.  I just ate everything.  I tried not to overdo it, but probably failed.  As my weight manifests. 

I am glad to be back home.  I just felt so thankful for my own house when we got home at 1am (which was 3am Florida time).  I'm feeling better about trying to figure out what is a good way of eating for me.  My neighbor who has continuously done Whole 30 looks amazing.  She has lost a ton of weight so I know that I want to follow the Whole 30 guidelines, do some Paleo, and maybe even add in Shakeology.  I remember really loving Shakeology and it could be a good lunch for me.  I struggle with what to eat for lunch.  I always have, it's a meal I just have not mastered yet.  I'm feeling pretty confident with breakfasts and dinner but lunch is always difficult for me.  If I could just make a shake and eat some veggies and some avocado with it that would be perfect.  I'm still thinking about it especially due to the price tag of Shakeology. 

Today has been tough, there has been a lot to do and I'm totally exhausted.  We went to the gym in the morning and I chose to run the treadmill.  I worked so hard to get my running up and I really enjoy trail running and that is one thing I don't want to lose.  So I figured I would just take it easy.  I ran at 5 mph and walked when I needed to.  I did better than I thought but I didn't run for an hour straight.  I had to do all the laundry and the grocery shopping.  I was so tired doing the shopping all I wanted to do was sleep.  Lily has dance class in a few minutes so I need to get ready to go to that now.  I still need to pick up my dog from my parent's house but I don't know if  I will be able to get there until Wednesday!  Tomorrow morning I have a playdate with my neighbor and in the evening I have my first flute lesson!  Maybe  can go pick him up Tuesday after lunch.  Well, got to go now and get ready for Lily's Dance! 

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