Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Weigh In

So I have been on my new plan for one week.  I haven't been hungry, but I haven't been eating whatever I want either.  I've been trying to adhere to the Whole 30 guidelines when I eat my meals and snacks, and one meal a day is Shakeology.  I eat one snack a day about three hours after I have shakeology because let's face it, a shake just can't keep you full for six hours.  Here are some highlights of the past week:

  • I did not eat any candy
  • We went out to eat one time at a Chinese Restaurant and I ordered the Happy Family which is meat, and seafood and vegetables.  I can't vouch for how healthy the sauce is.  I also tried a few bites of my husband's General Tsao Chicken and the kids Lo Mein. 
  • I drank my Shakeology for one meal every day.  I needed a snack after my Shakeology meal
  • I ate if I was hungry, but kept to the Whole 30 rules.  My snacks were mainly fruit with almond butter or other nuts. 
  • I did not track any calories or the food I was eating
  • I probably ate too many "fats" such as nuts and oils
  • I did not make popcorn Friday night when Matt and I watched the new Mission Impossible movie (Rogue Nation which I loved by the way). 
  • Matt asked me to make brownies on Saturday and I had a brownie and made popcorn when the Family watched Star Wars III together.  I figured it was a family activity which warranted some extra fun.
  • The day after I ate popcorn and a brownie, I got right back on track and I didn't have a brownie the next day even though I wanted one, there was not a good reason to eat one and it would just be giving into temptation and I'm working on changing my habits.
  • I got in 3 out of my goal of 4 workouts for the week
  • I drank four 12-oz cans of soda last week, the rest was all water
  • I started my first cycle since my miscarriage, which we all know influences energy levels, mood, and willpower
I think it was a great week.  I showed self control, while being able to indulge when appropriate.  Here are my results:
Last week: weight:  166.6 body fat: 36%
Today:       Weight : 165.4  body fat 35.5%

For a total of 1.2 pounds lost and .5% body fat down

I'm happy with that.  One thing I need to let go of is the idea of rapid weight loss.  Last week was hard enough to just maintain control and get in three workouts.  It was tough.  I don't need to put any more pressure on myself.  Once living this way gets easier, then I can make another change, but for now, this is enough.

Here are a few photos from last week:


Turkey Salad with Olive oil and balslamic vinegar as a dressing

Cize workout done!


  1. Congrats on a great week!! Have you ever thought about doing Keto? High fat, low carb really cuts the cravings. Just an idea :-)

  2. Great job!!! Things will slowly get back on track! I am trying hard to get on track myself!