Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Years Week

This past week has been super busy.  I'm playing my flute at the funeral and so I've been practicing a bunch for that. I've also been working of the DVD that we are going to play and of course windows movie maker is not available for Windows 10.  surprise surprise.  Fortunately we have a desktop downstairs that has windows 7 on it.  It seems like there is less free software coming out.  My computer doesn't even have a program to play DVDs on it like all my old laptops did.  Anyway, I feel like I have been doing pretty well this week with my food.  I am starting to feel better and I am coming out of the junk food fog.  I'm not as cranky, and I'm not as tired.  I haven't started exercising again yet.  I'm planning to start cize on Monday.  Hopefully adding in the exercise doesn't send me back to the exhausted all day phase.  It shouldn't since the exercises are only 30 minutes-50 minutes long and I'm not going to be exercising for two hours.  That was just way too much for me.  I didn't know how to fuel my body for that, and what to eat to recover afterwards.  So it was a bad cycle of working out too much and then binging on sweets and then feeling guilty and working out too much and then binging on more food that was not beneficial for me. 

For breakfast I pretty much just eat eggs, and potatoes with either macadamia nuts or avocado.  I don't get hungry until lunch time when I eat that for breakfast.  For lunch I have been doing Shakeology and I notice that since my lunch is pretty light, I do need an afternoon snack.  That can get sticky.  I've been trying to combine elements of food together like fruit and almond butter or carrots and hummus.  Trying to think of a good snack that is related paleo.  Hummus isn't allowed on Paleo but I haven't noticed a diehard reason for cutting it completely from my diet yet... unlike dairy.  Dairy is no good for me.  Especially milk in large quantities.  I went out with a friend a few days ago and I ordered a White Hot Chocolate as a treat (we get to go out once a year since we don't live in the same state).  I felt so sick that night.  My stomach hurt, I was bloated and gassy, and felt awful.  Milk is not good for my body.  So I'm avoiding as much dairy as possible.  Just a little bit doesn't hurt like a little bit of cheese, but yogurt, milk, and even ice cream make me feel crummy.  Glad I know that now.  I used to be a big dairy fan.  Why knew my body didn't like it?  I can also eat Whey protein bars.  That doesn't seem to bother me too much.  I'm trying not to eat many bars, but I do have them in the pantry and I don't want to throw them away, so I'm working my way through them and then I think I won't buy anymore.  They are helpful when I need to rush out the door and don't know what to grab for snack if I'm planning on being gone for the next six hours. 

Tonight I ate Fajitas made in the crock pot.  I had planned on making some gluten free tortillas but by the time we got home the kids were throwing such a fit that they were hungry that I decided to forego the homemade tortillas and pull the store bought ones out of the pantry.  Of course the kids decided not to eat any of their dinner anyway. 

I do have my starting weight and measurements for the year which are:
Weight: 166.4
Waist: 36"
Hips: 41 3/4"
R. Leg: 26"

I was lazy and figured that was enough measurements.  The plan is to measure and weigh once a month and as long as I am going down that is good enough for me.  I don't care if I only loose two pounds a month.  I am so sick of playing the diet game, I am ready to find a long term solution.  Not snacking all day and not automatically eating sweets the second I see something sitting on the counter is hard.  But I know the consequence of eating those things, and I know how much I need to change my bad habits and develop good food relationships.  So my breakfast is basically Whole 30, my lunch is Shakeology, and my dinner is Paleo and my snack is whatever healthy thing I can come up with (healthy being not sweets or junk food and preferably not packaged but sometimes it's just easier).  I'm letting go of being perfect, I'm letting go of "never again" and I'm letting go of restriction.  I can eat birthday cake, I can get a treat a the restaurant, I can enjoy holiday meals with the family.  I can't binge at home, I can't sit on my butt and eat junk all day.  By making the home the center for healthy eating and really focusing in on making it a place for healthy eating, it will help me in so many ways because really, out of 21 meals a week, 19 are eaten at home. (most of the time).

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