Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Idea

I woke up this morning to an unpleasant surprise: I was sore everywhere! Especially my back.  I was totally caught off guard because I didn't really feel like I was doing anything too difficult in my workout, but I guess not exercising for 5 weeks will take its toll.  Today was pretty busy but I feel like it had a nice flow to it.  The kids watched a couple episodes of Dora this morning, so I decided to play my flute while they were watching TV.  After that the kids ate breakfast (I had an egg, some ham and some hash browns) and then we got ready to run some errands.  Chloe's birthday is on Friday so we had to pick up some streamers and party favors.  I was surprised to see that the dollar store by our house has a balloon station!  So I ordered Chloe a birthday balloon bouquet and it was only $7!  That's awesome.  Each balloon at party city is like $5, and that's for the smaller ones.  I ordered them for pickup on Friday, so they will be good to go for the weekend.  I'm sure they won't last as long as a more expensive Helium balloon, but I guess I will find out. 

After shopping it was only 10:45 so I ignored the urge to eat, because I usually sit down after grocery shopping and eat something to de-stress.  Instead I turned on Cize and got my workout in.  I'm really glad that the first week workout is only 30 minutes long.  I'm having a tough time with just that length.  I have a lot of catching up to do to get back to where I was.  It will come though, in it's own time.  Lunch was left over Chicken Mole, and I didn't eat a snack this afternoon and today was the first day that I didn't feel utterly exhausted in the afternoon either.  My body must be reacting to the healthier food I've been attempting to eat.  At any rate, much less sugar.  Speaking of sugar, I have come up with a  new idea for regulating my sugar consumption.  I pay pretty close attention to how many sweets the kids are eating, and I really try not to OD them on sugar.  When they eat cookies they always get either one or maybe two if they have been really good.  They only get one piece of candy at a time, even on Halloween they aren't allowed free reign of candy, they get a whole lot more because it's a holiday, but they can't sit there and eat their whole bucket.  (Now my kids are 5 and 3 so that probably won't work when they get a bit older but for now the parent's still regulate their candy.)  So I figure to myself.  Why am I doing something that I won't let my kids do?  So I decided that I am only allowed to eat what I allow my kids to eat.  So today, the kids each got to pick one piece of candy.  They both chose small candies, so I got to eat one wedge of a chocolate orange and that's all the sweets I ate today because that's all the kids ate today.  I think that it is going to work out well because in general I care much more about my kids health than my own.

I suppose it could backfire and I could start letting my kids eat more sweets because I want to eat more sweets.... but lets keep things positive!  Dinner tonight was a Whole 30 recipe that was basically a taco casserole.  It had lots of chopped up veggies like carrots, bell peppers, parsnips, and those were cooked with ground beef with taco seasoning, placed in a baking dish and then you put grated sweet potato on top.  I really like it... especially with buffalo sauce. yum yum

That's it for today.  This month I am not calorie counting.  I am going to see how I do without it because I really just don't want to do it, so lets see how far I can go without it for now.  I am only weighing myself once a month because I have to break my bad habit of obsessively weighing myself every day and then hating myself and hating life if I gained, or am stuck at the same weight.  So once a month it is.  I've had to fight off the urges to weigh myself already and it's only been just over a week.  Usually every other day I have to remind myself I'm not weighing.  Hopefully the urge to weigh will decrease as time goes on and I discover a more natural way of living instead of all the yo yoing I've been doing the past two years. 

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