Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cruisin Along

I've made it to day 17!  I'm feeling pretty good.  I can't say I have super awesome energy, but I do have energy to make it through the whole day without crashing.  And I have the energy I need to do the things I need to do.  Such as clean the whole upstairs and clean Lily's room four times.  I got a pill for my dog from the vet.  It was supposed to help prevent him from throwing up because he often gets too much acid building up in his stomach and will throw up bile every so often.  I gave him this pill that is supposed to prevent him from throwing up and it caused him to puke for 12 hours.  It was awful.  Poor guy.  But of course, it was all over the carpet and I'm still trying to get the smell out.  Tomorrow I'm going to take down Lily's bed and clean the carpet under her bed.  I've cleaned all around her bed twice and her room still smells bad, so that is the next step. 

I've been incredibly active lately, much more than before.  I've been hitting about 15,000 steps every day.  Just taking lily to school and picking her up every day adds a ton of extra activity I wasn't getting before.  I'm really happy with how I feel right now.  I do think I am going to try to incorporate a few more carbs into my daily diet.  Such as squash and potatoes.  My days are just packed with physical activity just because of daily life and I think I need that little extra boost.  When I made that salmon egg scramble, it was on top of some sweet potato has browns and I felt really good on the days that I ate that, and on the days where I had nothing higher in carbs I felt a bit more tired. 

I've still been having some cravings, or rather desires to drink something other than water or to eat something sweet, but it's not been the powerful, debilitating cravings that they were before.  Also for the first time, I'm starting to notice small changes in how my clothes fit and sometimes I think I look different in the mirror.  But I try not to dwell on it too much because, while I desperately want to lose weight so that daily life becomes easier, it's not what I want to focus on.  I'm focusing on having the energy I need to do everything I need to do throughout the day, and on my mood stabilizing.  When I eat junky food, I get really depressed.  It's more than just me feeling bad about not eating right, it's the actual food makes me depressed and lethargic.  I've felt it again and again and if I want to have a good and happy life I need to make this change permanent so I can feel happier, and have more energy. 

Over half way there. 

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