Saturday, August 6, 2016

Made it to Day 9

Day 9 on Whole 30, and the past several days have been crazy.  First Lily started school

Her school is .7 miles away.  It takes us about 20 minutes to walk there, with the kids.  Which means Chloe and I are out for 40 minutes, which is great exercise for us, but it is just far enough away that in bad weather it would be worth driving (such as heavy rain or below freezing temps in the winter).  But we were able to walk to drop her off and pick her up all three days last week.  (they started school Wednesday)  Needless to say, I've blown my step goal out of the water: 19,000 on Wednesday, 14,000 Thursday and Friday.  This increase in physical activity, combined with my body working internally to change and adapt to my new diet has left me completely exhausted.  But at least I've been sleeping better.  After dealing with insomnia for 9 months, it's refreshing to not lie in bed for two hours waiting to fall asleep. 

I'm staying strong on my Whole 30.  I'm not as tempted this time around to quit.  There are still times when it is a struggle, when I don't want to drink water or I am craving something sweet, but my conviction to eat healthier and be a better person is so strong this time around that it's hardly phasing me.  I've been making large salads filled with grilled steak or chicken, and tomatoes, olives, maybe some fruit, nuts, oil, balsamic vinegar, and whatever else that is compliant that I can find.  They are pretty good, except when the lettuce gets wilty, that was kind of gross.  But the only way is forward and I can't look back. 

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  1. This is so exciting! What a special day! I'm sure it was bittersweet for you. You have beautiful girls and are doing a great job raising them! I hope sweet Lily has a wonderful, happy, blessed year of kindergarten!