Sunday, August 7, 2016

Turning Point

So I no sooner posted yesterday about this round being easier than I was hit with every single withdrawal symptom in the book.  I could hardly move yesterday, I had absolutely no energy.  My brain was foggy, I couldn't think, I kept forgetting what I was doing and things I was looking for.  I was super grumpy and short tempered and craving like crazy.  I just couldn't function at all yesterday.  If today had been like yesterday, I don't know if I would have made it.  We had a big family function today.  My sister had her baby blessed at church today, which is a big deal considering she is inactive in the church.  There were about 20 people at my parent's house afterwards and there were some tempting foods.  Fortunately, my mom is also doing Whole 30.  We both started independently of each other only two days apart,  So I'm on day 10 and she is on day 8. Speaking of which, I'm in the double digits now!!  Woo Hoo!  Hopefully I will not have to restart at day "1" for a long time.  I've been on day 1 for nearly nine months and I'm ready to move on.  So my mom made sure there were lots of fruits and veggies and grilled chicken for us.  We made some amazing salsa  which you can find at this site here:

Lily was able to hold the new baby
cutie pies. 

Today I have felt better.  It was hard not do dig in to the chips but I feel good for not eating poorly, and it helped to have a few people there who were also abstaining and eating mostly veggies, fruit and chicken.  The chicken was really good by the way. 

And now onto day 11, hopefully I've hit a turning point with yesterday being the worst day and I can slowly start getting better, and more energetic.

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