Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Whole 30 Day 5

Made it to day 5.  Made it through a visit with relatives, and through the weekend.  Today, the biggest challenge was that I was so incredibly tired and when I'm tired I tend to eat, so I had a few cravings or rather desires to eat off plan foods, and to drink a soda, but I refrained.  What I love about the Whole 30 plan is that it is only 30 days and it is designed to reintroduce the foods that have been taken out and there is a step by step process for you to find balance and harmony with food.  I haven't been as tempted this time around as I was for my first Whole 30.  I think that is because the first time I did the Whole 30 I did it to lose weight.  I wanted a way to shed some pounds I had gained and something to get me to my goal weight.  Of course that isn't the best motivation and I couldn't maintain the healthy eating standards I was shooting for because I didn't want to change the way I was eating, I just wanted my body to change without any long term effort on my part.

This time around I'm doing the Whole 30 because I want to be healthier.  I want to take control of my diet.  I don't want to feel depressed, and lethargic anymore.  I want better mood regulation, and fewer energy crashes and I know that what I eat dramatically affects my body and my mood and my brain.  Also, it affects my hormones and I think that one reason why my hormones are taking so long to go back to normal after my miscarriage (besides it taking three months to resolve the issues) is that my diet has been so horrid.  I started reading a book recommended by a friend called "Taking Charge of your Fertility" by Toni Weschler and in there she talks about how a poor diet can be hard on the liver, which makes it harder for the liver to metabolize hormones.  I never really thought I would get into the book, but I absolutely love it.  I am borrowing it from a friend but I just bought it on Amazon so it will be here in a few days.  The book provides a wealth of knowledge about how to interpret your body's signs to understand what is going on within your body during your cycle.  Once you get really good at it, many people (like the friend who loaned me the book) use fertility awareness method as a form of birth control.  It's about knowing when you are fertile and need protection or need to abstain and knowing when you are not fertile.  It's also really good to know when you are trying to conceive so that you can time everything correctly.  What I love is how educational it is.  I'm definitely going to introduce my girls to it when the time is right so that they get more education than I did when I was growing up.  And I think I will leave it at that for the purposes of this blog. 
Amazon Link- I get no commissions if you buy this book, I'm simply recommending it because I truly find it enlightening

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