Tuesday, February 4, 2014

89 Days remaining

I bought a new water bottle yesterday to carry around the house with me so I can make sure to drink water more often.  I bought one with a straw in it, which is a different style from the typical ones I usually use.  It has actually helped me over the past two days to drink a lot more water.  That and the fact that I am making absolutely sure I stick to my food schedule and so when I am hungry I drink more water to avoid eating.  The one major downside is that I have to pee every hour.  An annoying side effect since I feel like I am pregnant again and spending too much time in the bathroom. 

Today I did Burn Basics 2 where we worked our biceps, triceps, and we did rows.  I am incredibly sore from yesterday and I am sure I will be even more sore tomorrow.  I altered my rest day (today was supposed to be a rest day) but since I will be super busy on Saturday, I know I will not have time to exercise unless I got up at 5am which is not something I am willing to do.  So Saturday and Sunday will be my rest days this week, and probably next week too since next week we are headed to Crested Butte to go skiing). 

This morning I made a Peanut Butter Smoothie made from 1 cup non fat milk, one scoop protein powder and 1 tbsp cocoa powder (since I only have vanilla protein powder), 1 tbsp peanut butter and some splenda.  I had planned on having this for breakfast every day this week, but I am going to change it tomorrow because I have already gotten tired of it.  It doesn't taste very peanut buttery and it isn't my favorite concoction.  Maybe if I put some PB2 into it but that would add more calories and I am trying very hard to stick to the food plan for the 90 days. 

Cool thing about the food plan is that after the 90 days you can branch out into whatever you want as long as it says within the same basic nutrition layout of the other food in the book (so I will add chia seeds, quinoa, PB2 back into the mix along with other favorites like greek yogurt) and the plan for maintinance is to add 100 calories a day for one week (so if you are eating 1200 calories then week one you go up to 1300 and week two you go up to 1400 and week three you go up to 1500 until you find that happy place where you are not gaining or losing weight).  So adding an extra 100 calories could be adding a side of rice or quinoa or adding a whole wheat biscuit or slice of bread or adding an extra snack.  Cool thoughts, but that is still at the end and I am at the beginning. 

For Lunch I made a Caesar Salad with Romaine lettuce, grille chicken strips (4 oz), 2 tbsp Caesar salad dressing (reduced calorie) and some whole wheat croutons.  I loved it!  I really like salads though. 

Dinner I discovered that I could broil chicken really easily!  I made chicken bruchetta and I was supposed to have green beans on the side but we didn't have green beans so I substituted in some Asparagus which I thought would be about the same. 

My total caloric intake today was about 1250, doing good on day 2.  Starting to feel the desire stronger today to snack more on sweets or go and grab some bread.  I love bread, I will need to incorporate some whole wheat into my meals over the next few days (there are recipes in the book that include whole wheat, I just haven't picked them out yet, probably a mistake, I should make sure to get some whole wheat tomorrow).

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