Saturday, February 22, 2014

The trouble with cookies

So today I was not planning on splurging on anything since we were not planning on going anywhere.  However, once we came home from my sister's piano performance (which was awesome!) I was hungry, and the kids were eating cookies.  See I always get my kids excited to go to the grocery store because they get to have a free cookie at the store, which is usually no problem for me.  The trouble comes when the store runs out of free cookies which happens every so often.  This happened a few days ago when we went to the store to pick up some chili seasoning that I forgot to get earlier in the week, and Wal-Mart had about five boxes of kids cookies on the counter, all of which were empty.  So, of course my kids are being so good so they can have a cookie and there aren't any to be had.  So I go over to the $2 cookie section and bought a box of cookies.  So the trouble with these is that they stick around the house, and now there are 12 cookies instead of the two that the kids are currently consuming. 

So today I came home, and those cookies were just staring me in the face and the kids were eating them, and I caved.... The cookies are now all gone. So I burned 350 calories this morning during my workout, and each cookie is 120 calories and I ate about 5 cookies so I need to burn off another 250 calories to burn off all the cookies I ate this afternoon.  Poo

There are a couple of things that are very hard to resist: cookies being one, and chips being another. 

Well, here are some interesting things that happened over the past few days.
1. Matt was in such a hurry to leave one morning that he took his breakfast oatmeal upstairs and was eating it as he was changing and getting ready to go.  After he left I went back upstairs and this is what I found.
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A bowl balanced on a bear. haha, I had a laugh and then took the bowl downstairs and put it in the dishwasher.  Matt does not make a habit out of this and this is the first time I have seen him do this so I didn't get upset or anything.

2. I bought my Matron of  Honor dress for my sister in law's wedding.  It should arrive in about a month.  I bought a size 10, and when I took my measurements I was inbetween a size 10 and 12, so I figure with my current exercise program, I can lose a few inches in a month and a half.  A much better goal than when I bought my dress for Julia's wedding, and I was trying to lose 2-3 sizes, I had 5 months to do it, but it was just too much weight to lose going from 211 to 165 (where I needed to be to fit into the size 12 dress.  I didn't fit comfortably into that dress until I hit 165).  So now I am 15 pounds under that and working on size 10!
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3. I groomed Pippin!  He is so cute and cuddly now.  I cut a ton of hair off of him.  I hadn't groomed him in a long time and he had gotten pretty matted.  He looks good from this angle, but I cut his pom short in the back because of mats in his hair, so the back of his head looks kind of funny, but you can't tell from this angle.  He looks like a poodle again!  I should have taken a before picture.
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