Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A return to cardio

Before I hurt my foot I was doing about an hour of Cardio when I was working out.  Since I started Chalean Extreme the exercises have not been as long.  Of course the first week I was so incredibly sore I couldn't hardly move, so that was a good week.  The second week I was sick and it was a challenge to just get the 35 minutes in.  Now in the third week I have been missing my cardio, so I decided to add a little bit of cardio back into my exercise after a couple of my weight lifting workouts.  Yesterday I did a whole Turbo Jam session, which was great but took me a long time to do.  Today I did not have quite so much energy.  I have my heart rate monitor and it keeps track of how long my exercises are so after my weight lifting session (took me 40 minutes) I decided to put in my burn it off cardio dvd and do that until I hit my one hour mark.  I made it half way through before I dropped.  My muscles are already weak *phew* but I did good and burned 365 calories, which is better than the 200 I was at when I finished lifting weights. 

I have to keep the big picture in mind.  I'm use to burning over 600 calories in an hour of Zumba (I guess that is just an estimate though since I didn't have the heart rate monitor before).  I'm building muscle, and muscle burns fat.  I'm sore again today, but not as terrible as the first week. 

I'm back to focusing on my exercises and making sure that I put my weight loss and fitness first.  I have not been very good at losing weight when it hasn't been my number one priority (next to family of course).  I was able to maintain, but not really make any progress.  I finally have a routine of sorts down.  Kids wake up, eat breakfast, kids watch a movie and play with toys while I get my one hour of work done.  Chloe takes a nap at 9:30, then I do an hour of exercise, write in my blog, shower and get dressed, and then by that time Chloe usually wakes up.  Then I am set for the rest of the day and I don't have to worry about exercising or working on the computer!  (I still need to get stuff done for Pampered Chef and I haven't quite figured that part out yet).  But I feel like I am getting somewhere.

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