Monday, February 3, 2014

90 days to a new me

Today is day 1 of my Chalean Extreme 90 day challenge.  I have decided to count down instead of up just to switch things up a bit.  I seem to always be starting at 1 and then I feel like it is hard to get my momentum going.  So if I start at day 90 and work towards day 1 it changes things up in my mind. 

After looking through all of my materials and preparing my food plan for the week and looking at the guide book and wondering if I was going to use it to record my data or record my data somewhere else I had a realization.  I was looking at other people's results and saying "that can't be me, I still have way too much weight to lose to look like that after 90 days".  And yes, I do have a lot of weight still to lose.  I am at 153.4 (maintaining my weight from last week which is good because that means I didn't go up) and my goal is 121 meaning I have about 32 pounds to lose.  Well, many people whose results are shown lost 30-35 pounds while gaining tons of muscle and definition.  I realized I don't have 90 pounds to lose anymore, I have 32 pounds to lose.  Basically I realized that I could be my own success story, I could get the results advertised if I stick to the program, follow the exercise schedule and the eating plan.  I love the eating plan because you have 80 recipes to chose from and you can really customize your day.

 So for today I made a peanut butter protein smoothie for breakfast, and then boiled some eggs for my snacks (one deviled egg for morning snack). I am making a Cesar salad for lunch, having a mini turkey slider for afternoon snack and I am making cherry tomato salmon for dinner. While water is encouraged and you are told to try to drink your 8 8-oz glasses of water every day, you are also allowed one diet soda a day, and you are allowed a cup of coffee (which I don't drink but I thought I would mention that coffee is allowed) and you are also allowed to drink tea (herbal/iced as long as it doesn't have calories).  Sweet!  I am really happy that the drinking plan is much more realistic since most programs say "only water and nothing else" but I am really going to try to drink my water every day.  I bought a new waterbottle to carry around with me so I am not always filling up a glass of water by the sink, and I am going to put some lemons or limes in my water with dinner so I will actually drink water with my meals.  And I still get my one diet soda a day! 

So after a trip to the grocery store this morning I was feeling prepared to start my exercise.  I borrowed some adjustable weights from my parents:
These will work well for me I think, but they do have one downside: for some of the lower leg and core workouts we are supposed to use very heavy weights and I only have two 5-pound weights so I can only make one weight with both five pound weight on them (I would need four 5-pound weights to make both of the weights).  Anyway, I hope that made sense.  I can put two discs on each side of each bar so if I need two weights and each weight needs to be 16 pounds I can't do it.  I can only make one 16 pound weight (by putting a 5 pound and 3 pound weight on each side of one bar).  So I might have to improvise or use the band once I outgrow these weights on the lower legs.

Anyway, if that wasn't confusing enough lets move on!
So I went to do my first exercise video today: Burn 1 and the DVD wouldn't play!  I was soooooo upset.  I checked all the other DVDs and all of them worked but that one.  So I thought I was going to have to wait until Amazon could send me a new set since one of the discs wouldn't work.  (It displayed "Disc Error") and I found out that Amazon couldn't replace it, they could only refund the money once the product was returned.  So I figured that would add over a week delay to my start time.  Fortunately I had the idea to put it in my Computer and see if it would play and thank goodness it played!  I am still furious that one of the discs in my $100 workout does not play on my DVD player but at least it plays on my computer and I do not want to waste any more time waiting around for a replacement. 

So I was able to do Burn 1, my very first workout of the program and it probably took me twice as long as the 35 minutes that the program was because I wasn't sure which weights to use and if I set my weights to the wrong weight, I would have to switch them which took more time.  Plus Lily wanted to eat and then she hit herself in the head with one of the 1 pound weights (thank goodness it wasn't heavier than that!)  I think it will be much faster next time because I wrote down which weights I used for each exercise.  I am just thankful that Chloe was napping through all of this. 

So day one and I am on track (I guess day 1 isn't all that hard to stay on track though) and I am very nervous but I know what I want.  I will post my results at the end with pictures if I feel confident about it (because I actually took my before pictures in my sports bra and swim bottoms so that you can actually see my body and the way it changes.) 

90 days left

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