Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy Apple Farm

Since it is Fall and we have a theme of apples in all of our activities we are doing around the house: apple crafts, apple songs, apple books, baking with apples; we decided to take the girls to the apple orchard!  We had a really great time.  We arrived at about 9am when they opened and the guy who owned the orchard was really nice.  We were able to pick raspberries and he said that you could eat as many raspberries as you wanted while you were picking!  That was a good thing because there was no way we were going to get Chloe out of the raspberries without her eating them!  They were some of the best raspberries that I've ever had.  It was awesome.

Lily was really excited about picking the apples, and we were encouraged to try all the apples as well!  It was so awesome!  They also had a pumpkin patch with bluish pumpkins which we found out were Hubbard pumpkins and Matt decided we needed to take one home with us.  It was 16 pounds!  Hubbard squash is supposed to be similar to pumpkin in taste but sweeter and richer.  I found a baked squash recipe for dinner, a pie recipe for dessert and a soup recipe for a side.  I could also make something similar to mashed potatoes if we have anything left over.  I was really amazed at all the apples that had already fallen to the ground.  Some of the tree branches had so many apples on it that they where bent really far over and looked like they might break off. 

Later Lily and I did an apple craft and she had such a great time coloring and cutting and gluing the pieces, she carried her apple around with her the rest of the day and then we hung it on the wall in her room. 

Here are our spoils from our trip today:
I haven't the foggiest clue as to how much those apples weigh but it is a huge bag.  Not pictured are the raspberries, there aren't very many left!  Also I found a jar of pumpkin pecan butter which is the consistancy of apple butter and it is divine!  So amazing.  And Matt bought a maple candle for himself for a Christmas present.  And that Hubbard Squash is 16 pounds!  I now have a lot of some fun things to cook.  It was a really fun morning.

In other news I did better with my eating today.  I got really hungry around 4pm and so I just decided to eat dinner then and I didn't get hungry the rest of the evening.  I know I still ate too much but I am coming out of my food coma.  I think I was hungrier today because lately I have just been eating so much food, but I did a much better job today, I am on the up and out and ready to get back on track.

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