Friday, September 5, 2014

New Clothes

This weekend I'm headed to a Women's conference.  It's called Time out for Women and it's and it goes from Friday night through Saturday and they have motivational and spiritual speakers come and it's a time to be uplifted.  I am really looking forward to it.  But the dress code is nice casual and my abysmal wardrobe has nothing casual nice in it.  Right now I have casual, church, and formal.  And they said that dressing in church appropriate clothing is not required.  Since I've been losing weight I haven't been buying very many clothes since I figured I would just have to go buy more clothes in a few months anyway.  But I decided today that I should probably go get a few items for this weekend.  So I went over to Ross and here is the outfit I chose

I got some slacks and that shirt.  I also bought a few other shirts and I found another pair of pants that I like a lot as well but I ended up just getting the black.  I didn't want to buy too many clothes.  Guess what size pants those are.....  Any guesses?  Size 6!  Whoot Whoot!  Now they are pretty tight, and they are stretchy.  I definitely saw some size 6 pants at the store that there was no way I would fit into, but I am thrilled to be able to have one pair of size 6 pants and say Wow!  I fit into something that is size 6!  It's Calvin Klein brand if you're wondering. 
Here is another outfit I was thinking about and the pants are size 8 and the brand is Ann Klein
I really liked the pants, but I decided on just getting the shirt for some of my skirts I have that don't have tops. It's just a solid black top so it will go well with a lot of different things.  I was surprised at how well the kids were behaved.  I was pretty pleased with them.  They did run around a bit and I had to keep calling out to them to come back and they always returned.  I had to go running after Chloe once because she decided to play a game with me where she wanted me to go running after her and catch her and she was squealing with delight.  Made me a little flustered but she is just so cute, you can't get too upset with her. 

I'm going to go finish getting ready to go now, I'm leaving in an hour and I have to make sure that there is enough prepared food in the house to last my husband and kids through tomorrow night! 

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  1. Yeah Jenna! I binge read your blog :) I just finished reading like 4 posts! You are amazing. Love you and cheering for you!!!! Keep writing