Thursday, September 11, 2014

Popcorn and Cookie Dough

I have been thinking about the past year or so since I started to lose weight and decided to go back to counting points instead of counting calories because counting points is what really worked for me and helped me lose the majority of my weight.  I've lost maybe 10-15 pounds counting calories and about 50 pounds counting points.  The other reason I decided to return to to counting points is because it it much more flexible and less ambiguous.  Calorie counting can be so incredibly confusing for instance, do you start at 1200 a day or 1400 a day or 1600 a day?  Then do you add in your exercise calories, and what happens if you go over your calorie allotment for the day? Do you eat less the next day, pretend like it didn't happen, go all out because you are already over and you might as well scrap the rest of the week?  Weight watchers gives you a points goal, then you get the weekly points which you can use if you want but don't have to, and then you enter in your exercise points separately and you can choose to use them if you want but don't have to.  So it has more wiggle room and flexibility.  If you go over on one day it comes out of your weekly points so you don't feel like you have blown it and are left wondering what to do next.

I did not sign back up for weight watchers however, I bought a app last year called itrack bites.  It is basically weight watchers online for a one time app fee which is great, because you get the tools and don't have to pay a reoccurring monthly fee for it.  That was always my problem with weight watchers online. I felt like I should be able to pay a one time fee for the online tools since I wasn't going to meetings or needing new supplies like tracking journals.  I have been feeling really good this week so far.  We had our team meeting for Pampered Chef on Tuesday night and it was our recipe tasting night for all of our new products so I definitely ate a lot more than I normally would have, but I just estimated around 25 points and that was that.

On the flip side, today I was feeling tired, and emotionally stressed.  I tried hard, put up a valiant effort; even tried to do other activities to distract myself but in the end it was all for naught.  Popcorn and cookie dough.... why is it always popcorn and cookie dough?  I binged today on popcorn and cookie dough.  Every time I go off the wall it is always with those two foods.  Emotional eating is something I am still having a very hard time with.  Being home with the kids with no one but myself to try and talk me out of it doesn't work very well.  Alas, tomorrow is a new day and I really want to try to get into a groove again where I am eating health, and feeling well.  I love how I feel when I am in the groove, but it seems hard to get there and easy to slip up. 

Thinking about my two kryptonite foods got me thinking about all the things I don't binge on anymore.  I remember in the beginning anything would do.  I could go off the wall eating goldfish, cheese-its, teddy grahams, really anything that was a snack food.  So I guess that progress has been made in that really, I only have two trigger foods now a days.  I think maybe just not keeping cookie dough pre made in the house could really help solve the cookie dough binge.  Of course there is nothing stopping me from whipping up a batch, except maybe my own laziness.

In other news, I was at Wal-Mart today to buy one thing: brown sugar and of course I remembered I needed band aids and Chloe needed a new sippy cup.  On the way to the band aids what did we pass?  The Halloween isle.  Lily has been obsessed with Snow White lately and has already said she wants to be Snow White for Halloween.  Looking through the costumes they had three Snow White costumes and one her size, so I figured I had better get it now and that way she can wear it more.  It was $30 which is officially her most expensive dress.
She is now watching Snow White wearing her dress.  I'm sure we will get some good use out of it.  It's big enough she could probably wear it next year too!  She is in that size where everything is either too big or too small.  She is about a 5T which means she is almost too big for toddler sizes and almost too little for girls sizes.  I was at the Mall today and The Children's Place doesn't carry 5T and their xs (size 4) girls clothes were too big for her.  The size 4T are usually a little to tight unless it has an elastic waist band.  We also went to Burlington Coat Factory and they didn't even have any size 5T clothes on the 5T rack!  craziness.  So I bought one pair of 5T jeans at Wal Mart, and got Chloe some Frozen Pajamas because I really wanted to get her some pajamas and it is supposed to be really cold tonight.
Wearing her new PJs and using her new Dora Sippy cup
$10 for the PJs so I was happy to see that they didn't jack up the price just because it was Frozen like other stores do.  (When at the Mall Lily picked out a Frozen outfit that was $25 for the outfit and was made out of really cheap material... we didn't buy it). 

Anyway, I get to go to Zumba class tomorrow and I am super excited about that.  Hoping to get a good streak going now.  I'm weighing in on Tuesday and I want to have a decent weigh in, a true reflection of my weight, not an inflated number because I ate a ton of food the day before, so I am going to get focused and remember my goals and that eating crap makes me feel like crap.

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  1. Welcome back to "Weight Watchers". I too have lost a significant amount of weight using the PPV method. I love that WW has an entire list of zero PPV (guilt free) foods. We all know they have a calorie value, but being able to have a peach when you’re hungry without the guilt is...Amazing and Healthy. I hope with all your attitude changes you can conquer kryptonite and have popcorn & cookie dough in moderation (without guilt). You've come so far and when I read your blog I find it very uplifting. Please continue to keep it real, and your kidos are adorable.