Friday, September 19, 2014


I bought a few new exercise clothes the past week from my favorite workout place: Zumba of course.  I love the colors and fun styles on and of course it goes with my favorite workout which is in fact, Zumba, so it is good all around.  As I was shopping I noticed something interesting.  They don't just label their clothes with sizes, their clothes are labeled with words: spicy, marvelous, and lovely.  Just think about that.  Each word for large medium and small has been replaced with uplifting messages.  I always get so caught up in what size I am that I forget to appreciate my body for what it is and what it does.  Labels send the wrong message.  When I got my clothes in, I received another surprise.  On the label there is an inspirational message that says "here are all the things a size won't tell you:  how awesome you are (like, ridiculously awesome!) What a great hair day you're having, how good you sound sining in the shower.  Ya Know, the important stuff.  It's not just about a size, it's about a state of mind.  And You?  You are Marvelous!"

How amazing is that!  What a wonderful message to send to yourself.  So when I went to zumba class in my new clothes and every time I caught myself thinking "you look stupid", I switched my thoughts to "no, you look Marvelous!  I am Marvelous, look at me!"  And it was a huge self esteem and confidence booster.  I love that they have this positive thinking worked into their clothes, and it helps spread the amazing fun that Zumba is all about.  It's about being you, having a good time, enjoying yourself and your life and what your body can do.  So the next time you go clothing shopping instead of sighing about whether your size is still a large or still a medium, think to yourself, "Wow!  I am lovely!"  And you will immediately start to feel better.  Smile at yourself in the mirror and say "I sure am Marvelous today!"  Oh, and by the way, if there is an 'x' in front of your letter then you are just extra lovely or extra spicy :-) and being extra special always feels good.

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