Tuesday, November 5, 2013

-40 pounds

I figured I better post this today since I am hoping to be able to post my 50 pound weight loss photos later this week or early next week and it wouldn't make sense to post 50 pounds without already having my 40 pound weight loss post up yet.  So here it is!
I hit 170 pounds on October 7th 2013 and here is what I wrote:
"Two months later and here I am at 170!  I have noticed a big difference this time.  For the first time I actually feel thinner.  I am no longer obese and I am down to size 14 pants!  I have recently given up desserts and candy, and I also learned about eating healthier, both helped me to lose quickly, 6 pounds in 3 weeks.  I am looking forward to continuing on eating healthier for the very first time.  I think I could lose the next 10 pounds pretty quickly because of this change, but I need to focus on being healthy and obsess less about the numbers on the scale.  I am hoping to be 150 before we go to Crested Butte in February to ski, that's 20 pounds in 4 months, I know I can do it!"

Looking back on what I wrote I had no idea that cutting sweets and eating healthier would cause my body to shed weight like it did.  If I can weigh in at 160 this Sunday then I will have lost 10 pounds in about one month, making it the fastest weight loss I've had since the first two weeks.  Now my goal is to be 150 by January 1st and 140-143ish by the time we go to Crested Butte.  The thinner the better because skiing is hard work and I remember skiing at Crested Butte after Lily was born.  I was at about 180 and I could only ski about two hours and I was dying and I didn't even go back out for the rest of the day because I was too tired and my legs were not strong enough.  I was so upset with myself and thinking of all the money I wasted on a ski ticket that I was too fat and out of shape to use.  But this year will be different!  My goal is to ski the whole day with a one hour to hour and a half break for lunch!  (We go up with my in-laws and stay at their condo so they will be there and I can hang out with the girls for a little bit before going back out).  I am excited to be able to make my next post and picture about losing 50 pounds and hopefully I will be able to post that one no later than next Monday!

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