Thursday, January 9, 2014

150- 60 pounds down

I finally made it to 150.  Looking back, it really didn't take me too long to lose the last 10 pounds, it just felt like it took forever.  I lost these 10 pounds in a little under 2 months (just one week under) and during the holidays to boot!  It was just incredibly frustrating because my weight yo-yoed up and down and up and down the whole time which made me feel like I wasn't making progress when I really was.  I would be 158 then 160 then 157 then 159 then 156 then 161 (thanksgiving week) then 158 then 155 then 152 then 155 etc.  etc. etc.  All the way until Wednesday when I weighed in at 150.1.  So yes, incredibly frustrating.  I know why: it's the holidays and I would over eat and my weight went up, then the next week it would go down, then the following week I would indulge and it would go up, you see the pattern.  But despite all of that, I fought a good fight and I made it to 150 (even it if was 8 days later than my goal).

As luck would have it, the very day I reach this important milestone, and I am super excited to get into the 140s and finally get into my healthy weight range...... I injure my foot.  Now I can't walk :-(   I am sooooo upset.  I was really psyched up for losing these next 10 pounds because it will put me into my healthy weight range and now I can't exercise.  So I will have to really focus on nutrition and be very careful with what I eat because I know plenty of people who have had foot injuries or surgeries and they are sedentary for a while and they gain tons of weight since they can't exercise and move around.  Now I feel like I am walking on thin ice.  I don't want to lose the muscle in my legs that I have built up either because we are going skiing in a little over a month, and one thing I have been working towards is getting in good enough physical shape so that I can ski the whole day.  I have not been able to ski a whole day in about 6 years, I have been too heavy, my legs too weak, and too out of shape.  I have been working so hard for this ski trip and I am going to be so upset if my foot doesn't heal in time. 

There is an ice pack under that bandage.

So, starting off the next 10 pounds on the wrong foot, but it is just another hurdle I will have to overcome.

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