Wednesday, October 30, 2013

30 Pounds Down

I hit 180 pounds on August 8th 2013.  This was the first time that I actually felt like I had achieved something.  I was feeling much better and I was once again excited to be losing weight and motivated to continue to do so.  I was back on track!  When I reached this milestone this is what I wrote:

"These last ten pounds were much harder to lose.  I stalled at 183.5 for over a month due to Julia's wedding and my birthday.  I also pulled a muscle in my lower back fairly early on which made it almost impossible to exercise.  I am at the point now where if I eat something unhealthy I feel sick the rest of the ady.  We went to Red Robin and I ate half a hamburger and felt so sick to my stomach!  Eating healthier is so much better, I don't crave greasy food (Sugar? Yes. Pizza? Yes. but French Fries and hamburgers, etc. No)  So I'm making progress.  When I eat right I feel good, and I have more energy.  The stairs in my house don't seem like an impossible task anymore.  Being sleep deprived from Chloe means I am still tired a lot, but eating well helps a lot.  Also, if I limit my splurging on sugar to one day a week it helps me stay on track and to not feel deprived.  I can't wait until I am 170!  I am going to make sure I reach that next goal faster than this last one."

So as you can see I had a lot of good ideas once I reached this weight, and I was preparing to make my big discoveries about eating healthier and going on my sugar free challenge.

Here is a picture for you.

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