Saturday, October 12, 2013

Remembering the first 10 Pounds

Ten pounds down and 75 more to go!  The first ten pounds is definitely a mile marker, it is the first sign of success and reaching that weight gave me a feeling of empowerment and renewed excitement.  Now the first ten pounds is pretty easy to lose, I think I lost five pounds the first week just from water weight and excess food weight.  But it was still a victory and set the ball in motion for future success.  I joined Weight Watchers February 17th 2013 at 211 and I hit 200 March 24th 2013, about one month and a week.  Based on what I said above, it took me about a month to lose the last five pounds and this is what I had to say when I jotted down how I felt at 200 pounds:  "Time to start exercising.  I need to figure out how to exercise with two kids around.  Feeling like I have a lot of areas to work on and like I need to spend more time with Lily.  I have lost all baby related weight and I am now entering the hard-core weight loss zone."
So although I was feeling some excitement, I was also feeling very nervous about my future weight loss, anticipating that it was going to be much harder from here on out now that I would be losing fat and not excess baby gunk.  *Deep Breath* I survived though, and plowed on through and continued to try my best.  The hardest part now that I was cleared for exercise was how to do it.  Without a gym membership I was lost.  I had two small kids at home and how was I supposed to fit in an hour of exercise two kids that I couldn't even get to nap at the same time?  That is a blog post for another time and in fact you can read about it HERE (not yet linked, post coming soon).

Remembering the first 10 pounds I lost reminds me of where I have come from and reaffirms my dedication to continue on this journey and reach my goal.  I don't ever want to go back to the way I felt, hardly being able to get up the stairs to the bedrooms in my house, having no energy to play with the kids, park days were miserable for me because I had to move around so much!  Those pounds are gone for good, I am looking forward with renewed devotion to my 30 day challenge and learning how to eat healthy. 

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