Saturday, January 11, 2014

Herbal Life 4 week challenge End

The finale of my 4 week challenge was actually a let down.  Granted it was the holidays and all that but, I had still hoped for better.  Besides that my poor brother in law was aching all over from doing a very intense workout a few days ago and then he went moshing at a concert and got a little beat up.  So he was down and out of it.  To make matters worse, I injured my foot about 5 minutes into the exercise after driving an hour and a half to get there.  But here are my results: Keep in mind the weight was taken in the evening instead of the morning.  The morning this was taken I was 150, and my start weight was 156
Category                     Start                          End
Weight                           157.8                          152
Upper chest                   37 1/4 inches              36 3/4 inches
center chest                    37 1/2 inches             36 1/2 inches
belly button                    33 1/2 inches              32 1/4 inches
butt/hips                         36 1/2 inches              36 inches
right thigh                       21 1/2 inches              23 1/2 inches
left thigh                         21 1/2 inches              23 1/4 inches
right bicep                      11 1/2 inches              11 inches
left bicep                        11 1/2 inches               11 inches

I don't quite understand how my thighs increased in size by two inches each.  Even if I was building leg muscle I should be losing fat in that area.  Since I have injured my foot though, I am going to start doing Pilates and hopefully that will help take some inches off of my butt and thighs.  I have always hated my butt and thighs, they are a problem area for me, even when I was in high school and was in my healthy weight range.
So Monday I am going to try to do 30 minutes of Pilates every day and hopefully that will help to strengthen my core and help me to continue to lose weight even though I can't move around too much at the moment.

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